Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


fwiw i played a show just fine with my push 2 on the last version of the xps15


Yeah, I’m on a late-2013 quad-core MacBook Pro and I’m able to keep my buffers very small and chain a lot of stuff on a lot of tracks without getting anywhere near straining my CPU. FWIW I’m mostly using Kontakt, various effects, VCV Rack, and processed WAVs in Logic Pro. If you’re running a lot of really heavy soft synths, that could make a difference, and I’m not familiar with Ableton’s performance (though I’d assume it’s good).


people talking about the CPU requirements of audio processing is still one of those things I totally blank out on

for years I mentally had it in the same space as people talking about how you need lots of CPU threads to encode video (no do it on the GPU dummy) but I gather there’s a lot of nuance there


GPU acceleration has long been an option for transcoding video with a variety of tools, but Adobe’s GPU-accelerated encoding has been a real clusterfuck (that’s just now getting worked out for h.264; who knows what sort of problems they’ll have with h.265) so many people had to suck it up and encode on the CPU for their exports from Premiere etc. The hassle of rendering to an intermediate like ProRes in Media Encoder then transcoding that to h.264 with, say, ffmpeg often negates a significant chunk of the potential time-savings.


man everything else sure is terrible compared to ffmpeg, nvenc_hevc has been upstream for like three years


i know someone who covers sports at A Major Blog who has a clockwork system developed to edit and deliver material with ffmpeg as the backbone because timeliness was crucial and ffmpeg was significantly faster than everything else.


I’m sorry, I read this and now I want to start killing people again


I just wound up replacing the keyboard dock for my venue 11 pro instead after all the announcements this week because the battery and hinge were starting to go and it’s like, fuck it, I’ve had an 8GB + LTE + 200dpi tablet since 2014 that has barely been outclassed since then and cost me like $500 in the first place since refurbished then-windows-8 device prices fell like a stone

for the entire time I’ve had it I’ve been amazed that both the LTE and the removable keyboard and the touch interface work as well as they do under arch/gnome

I’ll get an iPad if they add a regular pointing device to the keyboard cover and extended display support or a Macbook when they switch those to ARM, whichever comes first

I will be using x86 chips from 2012 and 2013 forever





assumption here is that that’s when the “normal” credits start to roll (i. e. white font-color, black bg, from bottom to top), correct me if i am wrong?



credits start is the end title cards, crawl is the scrolling credits

this is useful info because normal protocol is if we do anything post-show, it’s the cue for lights up/sound down


ironically, we’re showing an episode of something from Netflix on Tuesday and that’s a 4k package, which means it will probably never look as good as it does that night ever again


going to be working in an environment where using my model m is probably going to get me murdered and my only other keyboard has alps switches that are just as fuckin’ loud, any suggestions?

should i just get a filco with browns? it’s actually kinda difficult to get nice keyboards in the uk i think, everything on amazon is rgb gamershit


Elite keyboards

Edit: in case that sounded smug

Just verified they do int’l shipping to UK.


well at least this is about as bad as hackintoshing an XPS




mehedi is great, he currently maintains the only good desktop Twitter client on Windows and arguably the only good one on Mac these days too (because it wraps Tweetdeck and injects CSS into a standalone app so it gets around all the new API limitations)


look, small independent developers like Microsoft need new streams of revenue as the money dries up from their free OS and office suites and


also by far the best cross-platform mail client these days is (same deal where the only platform that even has a compelling alternative is Mac and everything else is Electron) if I haven’t pushed it here already


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