Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


this is an explosive take, a real bombshell



I just saw a non-Retina Mac running Mojave and they’ve basically deprecated “making fonts look good below 200 DPI”


Good riddance, subpixel antialiasing is a giant pain in the ass for developers


all the more reason to keep it around then imo


This is my favorite thread to like, grab a bucket of popcorn and watch it develop


I just tried using XCode for 20 minutes to build something and completely changed my mind on this

I like gcc just fine, but this shit is really no better than messing with visual studio. I like their approach to self-signing but having to touch their official toolchain to do it is just as bad as everyone else’s.


xcode is much worse than visual studio imo

even visual studio for mac is much better


I very rarely do the kind of work that necessitates visual studios and xcodes (I’m strictly sublime + bash whenever possible) and even when I do, I do it stupid; this was mostly me trying to figure out what building e.g. retroarch on a lark for an iPad would feel like. and it felt bad.


I gave up on sideloading Retroarch after googling for clear instructions lol

I miss Cydia. I remember trading a Blackberry for an original iPhone and putting Wolf3D on it first thing when I got home.

holy shit that was so long ago now


yeah retroarch’s iOS build documentation seems distinctly worse than ppsspp/mame/scummvm but even so that was real bad


Visual Studio(?) Code is worth a shot if you dare using IDEs. Works on a pi3, performance is a bit so-so though, probably due to its electron/atom framework-origins.


I’ve … been a bad girl …

(This is my first GPU since the earliest GCN cards.)


Nice! What are you looking forward to playing?

I upgraded my RX480 to a GTX 1080 last night :sunglasses:

New GPU party! :tada:


yes, it truly is a piece of shit. it’s been slowly getting better than it was, but it has a long way to go to catch up to Visual Studio. For all of Visual Studio’s faults, it knows it’s a tool and is reliable and predictable in the appropriate ways. Xcode has a ton of ‘quality of life features’ that are half-implemented and result in massive nightmares. one that gave me many migraines was its aggressive compilation caching (including interfaces, etc), which resulted in huge nightmares when it failed to appropriately mark the cache as stale. and on top of that, whoever implemented these new features often didn’t implement the complementary cleanup code, so you’d regularly wind up with situations where you would get weird build errors that would require you to quit the program, run a script that you wrote to blow up the build directories, re-launch Xcode, and build from scratch.


Need to perfunctorily play through Doom 2016, as I have not yet.

Forza Horizon: Britain’s Baddest Blokes, because I do not own a vehicle yet and this escapism product combines my fantasies for both automotive ownership and calling people scallies in Yorkshire over EDM.

And also Blender, because, honest, mum, this was a serious investment, I swear.

Actually I’ve been playing the remake of Age of Empires 1 for Windows 10, specifically the Southeast Asian servers where they like to play at 2X speed and essentially unlimited population, which is unbridled chaos. It’s surprising that a single-threaded sprite-based engine from 1997 chugs so hard on modern hardware. Anyway, I’m curious to see how it runs now.


Use emacs you scrubs


(I’m joking I’m a noob who uses atom)

Everyone at my workplace uses vscode and I feel like it’s fine tbh.


it has enough stuff that’s genuinely nice for web dev that I get why it’s so popular finally

Atom was never even close to being as good as a heavily customized sublime for other stuff though


As someone who’s done almost no webdev but a lot of Python and miscellaneous scripting every time I’ve dipped into VS Code or Atom I quickly thought, why am I doing this instead of Sublime? No major issues but never quite the polish for tasks I need like Sublime.