Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


I’m deep into ergonomic stuff because of spine fusing, but even generally I can’t recommend monitor arms enough. It’s also just nice to be able to e.g. put a book underneath the monitor after you raise it, or push it out of the way to clear your desk.


I’ll have you know that Nvidia is making a very nice 55"+ 4k HDR Gsync display and it will only cost as much as two or three RTX 2080ti’s

I want HDR badly but I’m not buying a damn thing until everyone decides on either HDR10+ or Dolby Vision


I have never owned a non-projector HDTV and until recently had never spent more than $100 on a monitor so while I never got around to developing any kind of opinions about plasma or IPS despite doing my best to care while reading reviews and therefore my opinion can probably be dismissed…

I have the dell gsync monitor (1440/27) and this projector ( and am pretty committed to that separation of powers. at the time I got the monitor, 4K/HDR weren’t available concurrently with gsync on anything but even if they had been, Windows’ DPI scaling still kind of sucks, and playing games at native 4K still introduces a lot of framerate/scaling compromises unless you have a massive amount of GPU (and I do, and I still prefer the higher framerates at 1440).

HDR on the projector is amazing! but other than when I’m watching planet earth or something I prefer my computer monitor to be a computer monitor. also, I literally only get HDR from 4K stuff I’ve pirated since even Netflix’s 4K/HDR streaming is inhibited by also having a GSync display connected and I have to unplug it to make DRM content work and it’s a big dumb hassle which is entirely dependent on my expensive GPU being able to drive those displays and decode HEVC and I don’t want any more consumer electronics in my house that have that as a single point of failure. I’m sure TVs aren’t quite as bad at subpixel rendering and so on as they used to be but sacrificing per-pixel sharpness for any kind of computing work still feels really bad to me.


Apple’s been pretending to be the picker of standards but lol USB-C

Where’s the porn industry when you need it?


Yeah, the other thing with HDR is like, it’s bad enough when Destiny’s blinding white title screen comes on my Dell TN panel. I think it might be actively painful at monitor distance if the whites were whiter.


oh yeah I am also extremely sensitive to bright whites which could be another reason not to listen to me


It’s not not an issue!

You build up a tolerance after a month but I also find myself setting the white balance warmer helps my eyes. Brightness controls are odd in HDR because you’re really not supposed to mess with them.

Destiny 2 with its colored energy and particles and emissives in the environment and pure black space and the arcades of Titan is, oh my,


That’s a really undervalued aspect of a projector, too. It’s easy on the eyes like a frontlit Kindle display. I see lots of folks doing bias lighting with their OLEDs because it is bordering on staring into a lightbulb. The whole room also gets bathed in the light in a nice soft way.

Being among the last projectionists as a teenager really ruined me huh


the last projectionist is in captivity


It’s funny that it works the other way; I get dissatisfied now with movie projections, even the Cinerama’s new laser projector, lacking the clarity and contrast of my TV.

I saw First Man (extremely good) and I kept having the intrusive thought, when I can see this in my screen at home it’ll be like putting my glasses on.


oh yeah I was trying not to be unimpressed by all the festival projections this month as it’s the first year that I’ve had the 4K projector at home

it helps that I almost never go to the movies outside of the festival and I sit in back anyway because it hurts my neck otherwise but those out of focus 2K masters are tsk tsk

the Knausgaardian My Struggle of the Commons


HDR isn’t great for whiter whites

it’s for those sexy blacker blacks

this is mostly not the venue’s fault but rather the studio who’s more likely than not just sending out 2k packages because fuck if we can get everyone’s specs (ignoring that there’s literally a form for this at major studios and you tell the print house what res and sound setup you have along with server cert details but people still only send me 2k prints and keys for 5.1 soundtracks so whatever)

also if things are out of focus, that’s a projection issue and not a master issue, doing a quick ol’ rack focus before showtime makes things look good


I’m apparently doing a screening for JK Rowling Needs More Money 2 next month and I’ll bet you Warner sends me a 2k package and a 5.1 key even though they know us


also did I talk about how scope packages are technically just letterboxed instead of true anamorphic so a scope 2k film literally has a vertical resolution of ~854 pixels


honestly given that it’s the festival I’m sure we’re lucky to just be getting like a 1080p mkv sent along from someone’s iMovie



good joke

filmmakers using mkv container

you’ll get a .mov file and like it

I swear to god if one more person sends me their goddamn ProRes master as a deliverable

it takes time to convert those into something hard drives won’t choke on, you know


on the other hand, that means it’ll look nice

:cries in 4:2:0:


if anyone wants more Adventures in BabysittingProjection, I got all day


relatedly I really fucking wish nvenc ffmpeg encodes were as good as x264 because it’s still not quite there but it’s like 15x as fast

not as bad as the time I tried to use an Intel GPU on a Mac to do an h264 encode for an access copy through ffmpeg’s VideoToolbox API which came out looking like a fucking divx


meh, even on the 3770 at work, a 10-bit default quality encode in libx264 still goes at roughly 1.2x speed

I can deal with encoding for a couple of hours because I’ve got films in every which format and not enough brain to keep them all straight