Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


Oh shit

Newegg’s checkout page was compromised for over a month


then again


i named my dqxi hero ‘linux’
because silent protagonist


The limitation here is the ‘DL’ part of DLSS. Each game needs training data for the neural network.


oh duh!!



Hmmm I think I might see if I can get a used 1080 or 1080ti, the RTXes don’t seem worth it without some games specifically made to use them


When Renderman’s XPU renderer ships, the RTX is going to be a must-buy for anyone doing heavy 3D work

Look at the dang performance on that! Completely nuts!

It’ll be neat to see what the RTX can do with less physically strict GPU-based renderers like Redshift etc once they’ve had a chance to optimize for it.


TIL Yubico offers a student discount and 1Password now supports NFC 2FA :smiley:


OK! So I am interested in building a SFF PC that

  • Is at least as powerful as my old gaming rig (i5-750 + HD6950)
  • Is cheap like $400 cheap (I am guessing I can do up to $600)
  • Has a rad unique case that looks like a SMS/PCEngine/MSX (probably unlikely)

The goal is to drop this in a nerd bar covered in The Moon Fields stickers and have people just start playing it.

I think the options are a 2200g/2400g system OR an i3-8xxx + 1030? I don’t know the best ways to cheap out on MoBo/RAM/HD/PS w/o making it a tinderbox, but that’s why I’m here. I’m guessing if I go up to mATX it’ll be cheaper, but if I do that I need a case that really genuinely looks cool and is easy to transport. Backpack-ability is a true-need.


Ryzen will get you a truly cheap ITX board whereas Coffee Lake gets you mandatorily into $100+. Asrock is usually the manufacturer to go with.

I think 2200g/2400g to start makes more sense than a 1030 because you’ll keep your options open for a dGPU down the line. I have no idea if the iGPU beats/meets a 6950 because I don’t know where to find a head-to-head, but it’s plenty good for 1080p budget gaming according to Eurogamer.

If it’s just going to demo your game I don’t think you’d need an SSD, but I’m curious what the best value at the low end is for storage these days. It looks like you can get a no-name 60 GB SSD for ~$20 which is what you’d pay for a 500GB WD HDD according to PC Part Picker. (I filtered out stuff that doesn’t support SATA 3.)

The go-to cheap ITX case is still the Silverstone SGXX models, looks like the 06 is newest. It’s a blank slate you can decorate up, maybe do a cool paint job? If you want it to be flat and wide like the SMS/PCE/MSX, you could peruse the “HTPC” section of PC Part Picker.

Hope that helps! Love this shit.


I still have no idea how to find a motherboard w/ an already updated bios. This is the least consumer friendly thing I have ever heard.


you don’t have to worry about it because you can bug AMD to send you a boot kit that will allow you to update the BIOS with an earlier APU that you have to send back

as it stands, a SMS shell is just big enough to hold an ITX case, but you would still need vertical clearance for cooling and other doodads and you would have to spend extra on a more compact PSU solution


anyway, spend 1000 bucks and get the Devil’s Canyon NUC and shove that inside a console case and mystify people


ha, I was looking at the chopin (again), but I’m worried that if the 2200g isn’t powerful enough then i’m kinda fubarred on an $80 PC case.

re: boot kit - have you done it? it seems like a hassle.


I have not and wouldn’t need to because I have a 1st gen Ryzen chip on hand



thinking about getting another ssd exclusively for My Vidcons (i run them off a platter right now)

do i particularly want to get an m2 or is a sata thing fine


if you have an m2 slot, use it


you can literally get any m2 drive just to keep things tidy for games

you only need nvme if you’re an asshole doing Serious Things or you get it cheap


I’m almost positive you’re CPU bottlenecked on game loading with a SATA SSD; I was looking at this a month or so ago and at 1TB size I decided the $100+

I was just writing up a note that I’m pretty sure you’re bottlenecked on CPU when loading games from SSDs thru SATA, to the extent that I decided the significant ($100+) price premium was worth it when I bought a 2TB less than a month ago, but as I’m double-checking it seems the price difference has disappeared.

Well I’ll be.


you can find 1TB mSATA drives for $200 refurbished on eBay fairly often if you happen to have an mSATA slot like I did (and pretty much only Samsung ever made those and their best product is bottlenecked in that form factor almost identically to their worst so it barely matters which one you get)