Shin Godzilla


Godddd please don’t let this be “Godzilla and the US Military Team Up” like the trailer seems to suggest.

The first one was reeeally really into the US military being completely blameless and always doing the right thing against a monster they had no part at all in creating. Kinda misses the point just a teensy bit.


On the one hand heck yeah big stupid monsters in Imax Dobly digital 14.3 surround.

On the other hand American jingoism can get fucked.


This is supposed to be in the same world as Kong Skull Island, right? Sigh.

It’s too much to hope that this would have a paranoid anti-American political frame like that did.


everyone: wow bold choice for a soundtrack in that godzilla trailer, so majestic

me: i cannot fucking wait for the scene where thomas middleditch is the only one in the room when an important phone call/radio broadcast comes in and he has to scramble to find a pen to write down some key piece of information


They should have just gotten Vera Farmiga to make Roar Vs Godzilla

They could stab him with Longinus’ spear or something.


Too bad the Olson twins killed First Knight.



idk, did i watch the same teaser as everyone?

Considering the source material, if this trailer doesn’t seem like a legit 21th century version of G x M x KG, what does?

… or let me go OT for a moment:
at the moment, western godzilla feels more godzilla than the last J-godzilla did/does.

yes, I do have the BR of shin godzilla, and have watched it twice already, and, even though i love what anno did, re give japan sth to think about, it just didn’t feel like a proper G-movie should, it never managed to capture that elusive feeling of a wacky late showa era movie, the popcorn-movie entertainment of heisei-flicks, nor the suspense- or massive showdown-moments that the millenium installments pushed to perfection:

compared to the lacklustre, trashy, the successful and the boring 1997 versions that span across the varied history of the franchise™®© a.k.a. other big-g movies, imho shin belongs in the first category at best, ‘don’t care’ at worst. Compared to a Final Wars or Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, it feels like 1997 all over again.

so, now that i finally am watching a trailer that feels like it knows that there has been Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, and seems to follow up on the tone set in that epic melee battle (maybe one of the best of the series), i am pretty excited with what I can see.
It even seem to care enough as to include a specific reference to the king-bit in the subtitle of the movie yet also foreshadow the inevitable King Gidorah appearance.

Yes, it still can fall flat on its face, be too much CG action, have US bromance written all over it, butwatch the trailer, seriously! it feels right, a feat that the japanese - so far - haven’t managed to dial in yet.
so, for the sake of watching GxMxKG, i can take some america==best bits as long as they manage to capture the essence of the monsters, and hell does it look like they did.


I think the coolest thing about the Godzilla series is how many moods and styles it can hit. I love how wacky Hedorah is, I love how over the top Final Wars is, and I appreciate how earnest and heartfelt Gojira is. I think Shin Godzilla worked really well at that Gojira end of the spectrum. Was it for Jet Jaguar heads? Hell no, but it was still great on its own merits.

I thought the Mutos in Godzilla in the Middle were tight additions to the pantheon, and I was pretty hyped that they actually went for the monster battle idea when they could have easily churned out another solo monster disaster film. It was those disaster elements that they did run with that fell completely flat for me, especially bungling the anti-nuclear sentiment (perhaps the only constant for Godzilla). To see Shin Godzilla do that stuff so god damn right a year or two later made me love it more and made Breaking Godzilla look that much more sloppy.

I really hope this takes a page from GMK. There was some great force of nature stuff in The Unbearable Lightness of Godzilla with the way his scale was handled. GMK also had that WWII angle though, and I’m imagining Godsmack playing over some of these trailer shots on a screen at the recruiter’s office. Yuggggghhhhh!


I typed all that while taking a dump so apologies for spewing from two orrifices.


the military looked like a bunch of weak chumps in 2014 godzilla. just totally ill-prepared and ineffectual



Like they should, and we all would, tbh!


That Detroit anime con can be the pits, but I will never forget the time at the awful awful Godzilla panel where the host guy put up a slide explaining that Godzilla isn’t actually green, he’s black. This dude in the audience proudly yelled “That’s right!”





Makes me start to contextualize this as a Tokyo Jungle sequel – but with level geometry completely recontextualized by scale as you switch from tiny->small->large->Kaiju-sized creatures





idgi godzilla’s already cute???


Yeah he was already fine for kids books as is.


Whoah, how often is Godzilla rendered as fuzzy?