Shin Godzilla


Some of us have been horrified by Godzilla-related things before and we love it!

We love feeling it again and again! Each fresh new time makes us grin in ecstasy!

plz don’t kinkshame!


Colossal is great imo


shin godzilla recently had its first tv airing in japan, which was preceded by a special show revealing the results of a “favourite kaiju” poll! i guess only toho kaiju not including godzilla were eligible, which makes sense.

20 - battra
19 - gorosaurus
18 - varan
17 - destroyah
16 - baragon
15 - kaiser ghidorah/monster x
14 - jet jaguar
13 - super mechagodzilla/mechagodzilla 2
12 - kiryu/mechagodzilla 3
11 - biollante
10 - hedorah
9 - gigan
8 - baby godzilla
7 - mecha king ghidorah
6 - anguiras
5 - mechagodzilla
4 - minya
3 - rodan
2 - king ghidorah
1 - mothra



Flabbergasted that Jet Jaguar and Biollante are not higher in the list. Fuckin’ RODAN at #2?? Minya AND Baby Godzilla in the top ten? Fah.


biggest suprise is gorossaurus making the list. who the hell likes gorosaurus? somehow, more people than battra


Good to see minya in the top five. That poor misunderstood baby don’t get no respect


I like gorosaurus :’(

He has a friendly face


hedorah and biollante totally need to be in that top 5 or so


How could anyone care about Minya/Minilla

Biollante is my beautiful goddess


I’m surprised that Hedorah and Jet Jaguar are that popular. I’d be more shocked if King Caesar were on there though.


Jet Jaguar is Big G’s best friend and he kicks ass.


the amerizilla movie franchise must last long enough for a modern, grimdark take on jet jaguar


in the recent-ish comic series, he’s just a mysterious robot that turned up one day to fight monsters, and nobody knows where he came from or why


half-way there to grim-dark delinquent jet jaguar!



I can’t bring myself to even watch that. Scene 1 better be “oh shit detonating a nuclear bomb off the coast of a major city was not a good move,” or else everyone should just get the call to shut down the whole production from the Producer from Another Place.


Apparently I get goosebumps from that big dumb three-headed dragon so my brain has no space for nuke consequences, etc.!


Ok, I watched it.

POW/MIA flags and Air Force formation fly overs baby.


i started crying and i can’t stop


I’m just incapable of feeling anything.

It’s like how that assmar shit doesn’t work for me.