Shin Godzilla


You talking about my shot on DV post about the trailer from forever ago? It probably has more to do with the way it’s (not) lit, but everything looks very flat like all those shot on early digital camcorder no budget films from the early 2000s.


there’s the one missing 20 minutes out there. looks fine afaik.


Was also due to the meeting scenes in the beginning looking like a straight to DVD movie. Like if they had skipped post-processing or simply forgot to put some filters on top. I watched the trailer and that looked completely different, but that might just be the trailer being different, I don’t know. Fight scenes looked fine though.

Edit: Oh hey, guess that’s what LaurelSoup is saying.


finally watched it since a torrent with the remaining 20 minutes surfaced. it’s probably the only godzilla movie that can surpass OG. i’ll see it more times before deciding, but, now, 12 hours after the first watch i’m still thinking about it, about the difference in tone, the humor, and the weirdly optimistic message that anno is trying to convey since eva 3.33. this is the first godzilla where godzilla itself is devoid of any personality or agenda. it’s just there. they always tried to show him as an unstoppable nature force/disaster, and turned it into an amusing spectacle with the 2000 series, but this one… this one is the shit


Man, when is the Bluray coming out here? I need to watch it for the fourth time.


there are finally good english subtitles and hd torrents out there for the time being, but yeah, this one’s absolutely going on my shelf. c’mon, funimation, let us know what’s going on.


Finally saw this. Without a doubt the best actual Godzilla-related thing I’ve ever seen. Never expected Big G to be legit horrifying, but here we are.


Watching the blu ray now, all the giant titles for everything have been removed and replaced with regular subtitles above the image. Not sure if I am okay with that


What the hell.


Well… that’s garbage. I’m very not okay with that. Looks like the Japanese BD doesn’t have English subtitles either.

Guess getting a Japanese BD rip with an English subtitle patch will be the way to go for future vieweings. :-/


This is the Australian blu ray, not sure if the American release is the same


I’m probably going to order the US one this week, so I will let everyone know how it turned out on the US copy.


Sorry to say the subs are all normal on the US BD.




wait, refresh my memory? giant titles? can we can some image comparisons?


I can’t seem to find a good screenshot right now, but they look the same as the ones you see in the Evangelion movies to describe locations and military hardware etc.


oh shit, THAT

whoa yeah, fansub all the way


That style of subtitling is so key to much of the film’s humor that I can’t imagine it playing anywhere near as well without them. Curse you funimation.


Saw this with @gary, @8128, and @Mothra, and tbh I’m pretty baffled by a lot of the responses itt. I didn’t find this movie humorous or smile-inciting at all, except perhaps for Patterson, whose character I couldn’t really get a read on. And it wasn’t even, like, laugh-out-loud humor there; just, like, “Huh?” In a movie where all of the human interactions come off as blunt and matter-of-fact, she was a shard of anime jabbed into the mix, especially with her declarative [YES]es.

I agree with @Mothra: this was the only time I’ve been horrified by anything Godzilla-related. There’s absolutely no attempt to “characterize” Gojira as a creature or thing of varying temperament; it is a grotesque fortress of unimaginable power whose methods of defending itself evolve as the movie progresses. I have never seen anything in cinema that rivals the immediate urban scale of destruction like when Gojira first vomits its full power onto Tokyo.

The initial reveal is extremely disconcerting: there is no surreptitious filmography. Gojira just comes onto land, you see it wholly, and it’s not what you expect – a huge dead-eyed (@gary made the observation that its eyes resemble those of deep-sea animals, like the viper fish) wobbling featherless chicken that’s dribbling blood everywhere, compelled to move forward no matter the obstacle, like a wind-up toy that’s been let loose.

Imo this sort of movie comes down to the imaginative evocations of its monstrous designs and its ability to stay with you beyond the viewing; and in that sense, I think it’s a very good movie, some inexplicable decisions (one aforementioned) aside.


I was lucky enough to see this movie in the theater when it came out, and it really stuck with me. I wish more kaiju movies were as good as this. Old campy monster movies have a definite charm, but I want to see more kaiju art-films! The only thing remotely similar that I can think of is The Host. I suppose I should have gone to see that recent Colossal movie but I’d heard mixed reviews and didn’t get around to it.