Shin Godzilla


Godzilla vs The Smog Monster/Hedora is legit the best Godzilla movie. It’s all the most charming shit in one flick.


These new trailers are nice. YOU CAN FEEL THE EVANESS

Yeaaaaaaah show off those super large scale super low angles!

Why is Japanese CG so fake looking, sigh


Jesus yeah. I don’t get how anyone can look at that and not think “failure.”

I don’t get the whole Kaiju genre though.

2014 Godzilla was great outside of all the flump flump human stuff. The new roar was the best part.

This using the 50 year old roar is hmmph.


no u r hmmph

ur butt is hururmph imo


I give this new Godzilla series about three movies before it goes back to ridiculous plots about magic fairies and time travelling dinosaurs from Planet X. Less if we are lucky.


i hope so


I kinda love the very serious take on the emergency response, as much as i love godzilla’s psychic human girlfriend from the 80s, or the mechagodzilla with the weird comic book guy, or the final wars mutant warriors, i have an appreciation for essentially a dry take on it with maybe a splash of melodrama


I actually like how every Godzilla movie feels like a riff on a different genre, but with giant rubber monsters thrown in there. So like one is a spy movie, one is a Flash Gordon wannabe, one is a psychedelic 70s movie etc. Maybe this new Godzilla can star in a romantic comedy with a love interest or something


It’s just gonna be EVA minus Evas and teenage drama and moms being instruments for human evolution

It’s what I’m hoping for, anyway




Dunno how true these subs are but:


Funimation is releasing the movie in America!

Can’t wait to see it in theaters and cry at the bad CG on a big dumb screen.


sooo stoked for this movie.

this is a pretty good top pick! it’s def in my top five, though i also really love giant monsters all-out attack, godzilla vs. biollante, mothra vs. godzilla, invasion of astro-monster, and the ending of vs. destroyah in particular. reminds me i need to hunt down more of this series:


Japanese Godzilla movies have always had really small budgets.

Everything in the trailer looks find to me tbh except that shot of the helicopters.


I love how pained Goji looks in this one.


Hedorah is for Stoner
Biolante is for Trend
Final Wars is for Corporate Attitude
Cozzilla is for True Doom Murder Heads

The dude who runs the regular Godzilla panel at the local nerd convention got super snooty and told me he has better things to do with his time when I asked him if he had a copy of Cozzilla. Nothing feels better than being called a loser by a guy who can go on for half an hour about Miki Saegusa’s ears.


And I still haven’t seen it so if anyone knows anything about it…


Well after I read your comment I went and looked it up on youtube and it basically looks like someone puked up rainbows and stoner music on the film stock


that godzilla nerd convention guy sure sounds like a nerd!


Oh shit, it’s been on YouTube a year now. The world’s a magical place.

This went down a couple years back when this was hushed tones and wild rumors sort of stuff.