Shin Godzilla


First i’d like to memorialize that YouTube autoplay immediately followed that up with Party Hard.

Second, even #5!? I thought I was going to get banned or something for that.

My instinct is that Biolante will be the unrepresented SB darling alongside those others.


Specifically the listed 4, after that I fall to Biolante or Return of G / 1984.

Beyond all the kaiju and adjacent stuff that Evangelion incorporates (circling back with Shin), Return hit me over the head repeatedly, seeing how much Hideaki Anno must’ve veined and framed a great deal.


biollante at least has one of the best monster effects of all time


here’s where i reveal that i’m a hypocrite and really like the aliens/t2 riff in the middle of destroyah


I think Biollante might be in my top 3. I’m also a bit of a sucker for any of the ones that have Mothra’s fairies or anyone else singing some 60s/70s pop song.


Am I the only one that finds the end of Destroyah surprisingly moving?





I’ve seen like 7 Godzilla movies and most of them have completely blended together in my mind, but the two I really loved were Mothra and Shin Godzilla.

I just did not see Mothra’s bizarre psychedelic magical faerie girl vibe coming at all! I was like, “these movies can be like this!?”

Definitely gonna watch Hedorah soon.


Which one has the dude who yells “Shitdamn I’m Lethal Weapon!!,” because that deserves special recognition.


i think that’s biollante?


I think so too.



I’d put Godzilla vs Biollante at #5, since the battles in that one are legit awesome in a way I don’t think they ever had the budget to do again.


All the Godzilla is on Japan amazon Prime so I just started Biorante bc of this thread.

What the hell is this?


from what i remember, a scientist combines the dna of godzilla and a rose, along with the soul of his dead wife to make a special medicine of somekind? and naturally, it becomes a gigantic plant monster

a story as old as time


Yep basically this but it’s his daughter not wife. Plus there’s a psychic schoolgirl for some reason


wait is the stranger things girl gonna be american miki saegusa


That movie was definitely one where if you don’t like what is happening wait 90 seconds.


I got the impression they were using her as a stand in for the Mothra fairies, but maybe it’s both


Godzilla 2000 rips