Shin Godzilla



i am not going to watch this trailer, since i am trying to keep my hype level below 3000.
Still fearing that i may be underwhelmed by the greatest spectacle in 201x, so…
… idk,



“My God”


goji looks t h i c c


They’re laser focusing this on me with a nu metal legend covering BOC for the soundtrack, but I still can’t get interested.

Now if Serj were covering Come with Me…


read BOC as boards of canada at first


Same, I got really excited for one half second.


Watching Final Wars (never seen)

Intro is a proper badass celebration and…Ryuhei Kitamura? !

Real G-cranked hours.


I’ve heard there’s bunch of folks out there who hate Final Wars, but everyone I know thinks it’s one of the greatest movies ever.


Final Wars definitely in the top 5 all-time best Godzilla movies. It embraces the unique goofiness of every single Godzilla era since the 60’s. It’s so unabashedly proud of what it is and it’s all the better for it.


i wish i could love final wars.
i certainly admire its attempts to pastiche and unify the many different eras of godzilla within a single film, but it leans way too heavily on the super sentai in the matrix garbage which looks uniformly awful, yet kitamura clearly loves indulging in that nonsense at the expense of time better spent on more minilla cutaways.


Final Wars was the best cinema experience. It was a packed theatre, and everyone was going nuts at all the goofy scenes. I think everyone cheered when the Opera House got demolished


I tend to dig Kitamura’s top action camp and thought it worked well over the excess of Final Wars, but can agree it took up a lot of screentime, haha…Minilla though? :nauseated_face: Also I forget the actor’s name but the main american solider/captain guy: Haggar Ridiculous.

I’ve maybe seen a dozen Godzilla films and this was definitely of the most entertaining, I mean it’d have to be as a greatest hits boss rush. One of my friends nearby (as in literally upstairs) is an avid kaiju fiend and his hype for King of the Monsters next week is boosting my own, so this was kind of a must beforehand.

Vs Hedorah is the entry that’s stuck with me most over the last few years, extra lame as some of it is the psychedelic, slight arthouse layer worked for the overall theme plus I’m usually a sucker for environmental angles.


i love hedora. shame it flopped, since i really would have preferred that direction for 70’s godzilla to what we got, much as i like jet jaguar.


Yeah this scene is too good

I watched with subs, not sure if that had some Sum 41 playing, goodness gracious


Seeing dudes taking down Ebirah was so damn cool! As much as Final Wars beautifully embraces the past, I loved that brand new stuff it introduced.


sum 41 is in all versions


Yeah, it’s also in my top 5 for how wild it went on the visuals, and what chances it took. It was glimpse into a way more memorable era of Godzilla movies we never really got.


Top 4 is easy. It’s that 5th spot where things get tricky.

  1. Gojira
  2. Shin Godzilla
  3. Final Wars
  4. vs Hedorah

Maybe just because I feel those choices are pretty safe, for 5, I’m going to not go for something obvious like my childhood favorite DAM (my folks took me to a late night double feature with War of the Gargantuas when I was 11 or so and it might have been the best night of my life) or Megalon, and go for… Godzilla’s Revenge. If I didn’t already say it 200 posts ago in this thread, the bleak deindustrialized setting where this kid is dealing with bullies and crooks has really grown on me over the years, and coupled with the escapist fantasy angle, the whole thing starts to feel like Eraserhead for kids. It used to be the one I couldn’t stand, and now I find it strangely compelling.


^ that order