Shin Godzilla


She deserves it


I watched the three Godzilla CG movies on Netflix - Planet of the Monsters, City on the Edge of Battle, Planet Eater - and they all uniformly suck maximum ass.

Kinda just, broadly dismal, no impact to any action, all the aliens races exist to betray the humans, pads everything out as much as possible, yadda yadda.







Just hope they have the air force send some pilots to do red carpet shilling for the premier!


Thisis a major recruiting oppo

HEy kids yo u may like Godzilla, king of the monsters, but you wanna know who the REAAL king of the monsters is? The Great Satan himself, The US DOD


I mean, I wouldn’t put it past the DoD.


The first Godzilla 2014 trailer looked like an ad for the US military and/or Call of Duty games.

The movie was like an extended version of that trailer.


Wait the Godzilla film had no military funding and it still was like 90% a blowjob on how good the US military is??? Edit:oh i clicked the link.

I can’t wait to enjoy all the pretty images in this and be annoyed by all the boring human drama.

Shin Godzilla was a gift.


did you watch a different 2014 godzilla movie? the military spent the entire thing looking like a bunch of ineffectual jobbers

if the real military paid for that, they got swindled


Lots of American miltary funded films also have them be completely ineffectual. This is called cuckholding and many parts of the government have tried it.


Also literally millions of dollars gets pumped into the Pentagon for propaganda operations it is slightly more nuanced than “always show Army good”


The day is ultimately saved by the scrappy individuality of a dedicated all-American (white) soldier trying to save his lovely all-American (white) wife.

Even if the military brass is fucked and dumb sometimes, the actions of the few, the proud, the brave will save this country and atone for all the world’s mistakes.

I can’t see it as anything but an absolute endorsement of America’s worship-the-troops culture. America on the whole allows themselves to be critical of the state as a whole while simultaneously and vigorously enforcing a blood cult that marks the violent apparatuses of state authority the supreme object of collective worship.


They stop Godzilla by detonating a nuclear weapon right off shore of a coastal city. Fuck that ending forever. Hopefully normalizing nuclear weapon usage wasn’t one of the terms in their contract.


Yeah the most heinous part for me is the fact that the existence of Godzilla and the mutos - both ancient monsters unrelated to the original nuclear bomb tests - fully justify the stockpiling and use of nuclear arms. Like, this is exactly the kind of thing that you would actually need a nuclear weapon for.

It’s a weird fucked-up fantasy where suddenly we were right all along in creating these horrific weapons and the massive military machine needed to deploy them.


I just want to voice my strong approval of this post in a more visible way than a mere blood potion


I don’t disagree with the overall Take here and above in general but the Mutos literally eat nukes (the key warhead is used as a consummation gift around which to build a nest of of monster eggs) and it’s suggested they’d do nothing to Godzilla.

They are impotence personified in The Text.



I love that cutesy Ghidrah’s voice is a pitched up version of his classic echoey spring sounds.