Shibuya Pixel Art Contest (ends 3/31 24:00 jst)


Surprisingly, they don’t seem to be using the Japanese term for pixel art (“dot art”) AFAICT?

Might be limited to people in Japan.

Working on a rough translation of the rules because I’m curious.

1 person -> wacom intuous pro
10 people -> wacom intuous
1 person -> adidas store exhibition (?)

//Entry divisions:
Division awards:
4 people -> limited pixel art (16x16 for display in a PIXOO?)
1 person -> analog pixel art (as it sounds, not digital - paint, beads, etc)
1 person -> beyond pixel art, something about redefining the pixel
everyone -> 1 space at a september exhibition

Themes: shibuya, era, human, ghost, festival. Choose any or a combination

Follow the twitter/instagram account and post your image with “#shibuyapixelart2019 「title」”

They don’t say you have to be Japanese or living in Japan from what I can tell - please correct me someone. Qualifications are “nationality / age - gender / adult - student / group - individual” whatever that means

Judged on “originality”, “sociality” (the work has some relation to Shibuya I think, i.e. you stuck the 109 building somewhere), and “story-telling”.


Last year’s submissions:


Ah they actually say they don’t care about nationality or residence in the fine print. The only restriction is the september exhibition spaces are for Japanese residents only.

And they’ll ship the prizes overseas! (??? probably?)


16x16/15 days is only 17 pixels a day just saying, i’m pretty sure my monitor draws at least 10 times that every minute


Music and dance are also accepted.



So, 23:59 was logging into twitter and twitter was like who are you. And I guess I don’t really know that myself either. I thought I was someone.

Since I got time now I might as well finish this I guess. Maybe after all the pyxyzygy bugs I found in the process.