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Photoshop swatch with 358 Copic marker colors (as well as smaller grouped swatches)

DC and “golden age” comic swatches for Photoshop.

A Photoshop swatch for recreating Anders Zorn palettes in a digital environment

A bunch of photoshop brushes mostly useful for the brushes that can be used for actual sketching and drawing (as opposed to digital painting). I use the “Classic Cartoonist” brush and the “Ultimate Inking Thick 'n Thin” brush from this set more than any other brushes. I’m always looking for thinner brushes that are bold and not like, “streaky”.

I use the edge brushes from this set in my attempts at coloring.

I use these “distressed” halftone patterns on almost everything to give it texture. You can also apply these to brush presets to give your brushes halftone edges or to give them a canvased look. These are the only patterns I use consistently in Photoshop and consider essential.

If you sketch something out but you’re zoned out and did it at a small-ish size and want it bigger but don’t want to re-draw it, you can save your line art as a transparent PNG and then run it through waifu2x.

I’ve done this a few times, and you can’t even tell it was run through a resizer.



oh nice, i made my own palette using those colors ages ago, it’s a good selection if you ask me

Thanks, I needed these halftone patterns

this is probably outside of the scope of the subject matter of the post but whatever

hi, I’m the hapless idiot who, in the before times, gets handed dozens of films and shorts in a variety of formats and told to Make It Work

let me tell you about preparing deliverables:

  • If the festival you are submitting to is in multiple venues and they themselves are not standardizing things or offering that as a service, check with them to see which venue(s) you are in and contact them directly to ensure they get the proper format
  • motherfucker a ProRes or Cineform or whatever the fuck kind of file your editor spits out is not a deliverable, it’s a master and you don’t send me that shit to project
  • keep it simple, if the venue can do bluray, do that, if the venue will happily accept an mp4, do that, if they’ll take multiple formats, send them backups
  • the world of DCPs is fraught with landmines; I highly recommend that unless you are local/have the machine that made the package you are showing on hand/can test beforehand do not make the package yourself, eat the fee to send it to a reputable print house and then you have a DCP that you know works on the majority, if not all, of playback servers that you can copy endlessly
  • Note somewhere, anywhere, where the projectionist will see it, the aspect ratio of your film
  • I swear to god if you send me a hard drive and it has anything else on it other than the film, I will hate you and I will hate you even more if you have multiple versions of said film that are not clearly labeled
  • depending on the size of the file, please stick to FAT32 or NTFS formatted drives (or exFAT if you’re feeling saucy), all the OSes can read those with minimal fuss. absolutely do not send an HFS formatted drive, I know Macs are cool computers for creatives but ain’t shit that reads HFS without the run around (unless the venue says they can) (also DCP playback servers or standardized on ext3 and 4, so if you make your own DCP, keep that in mind)
  • this sounds obvious but burn subtitles in
  • subtitles go on top of the picture, not in the letterboxing areas
  • if you walk in more or less right before your show with the movie, keep in mind you forfeit the right to complain when something goes wrong
  • if the only copy of your film is like on HDCAM or something For Reasons, yell this shit at the festival/venue so they can actually rent a deck ahead of time

I realize the wholesale swap over to digital has eliminated a whole host of concerns re: projection of films but there’s still very much a human/time cost to getting things ready for showtime and everything you do to follow guidelines set forth by either the festival or venue does that much to ensure a smooth show for you and them


:raised_hands: preach

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a calligrapher’s dream…

This link doesn’t have a download, apparently he made the brushes exclusive to Adobe’s Creative Cloud bullshit.

Here’s the direct link:

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