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The escalating westernization of the industry and its inferiority complex relative to cinema and popular culture in general. Japan’s videogames have always been obsessed with Europe and North America […] but what made this obsession charming were the eccentricities and surprising combinations, the actually vital contrasts, that came from a culture playing with “exotic” elements.

doubt i could express the idea this well but, this has been bothering me ab games from nihon too. especially when it’s painted as them ’ innovating ’ or ’ trying something new '. no guys, you’re selling out because you want your brand to be associated with another part of your fanbase. it’s like a lack of self-confidence or the equivalent of a nerd who tries desperately to fit in with the ’ cool kids '.

i get wanting to cater to a demographic with money but, it’s kind of sad ; both to witness and realize that you’re one of the nerdy friends being ditched.


It is sad. At least there’s some new historical appreciation going on like that Diggin’ in the Carts documentary.

#49 interviewed this guy

wrote a side of this




Reflecting on the inverted castle

Dungeon Crawlers / King’s Field & [D]-Souls / Sublime Mundane


Lately I’ve been thinking about whether or not I consider writing an art and whether or not I consider most people that write artists.

I feel conflicted on the matter because I think that it’s much easier to be a dumb artist who’s talented than being a dumb writer who’s talented (well obviously)

But I also think it’s very likely that a lot of writers earn their keep in their field by not really abstracting anything they think or feel like people who do physical art do.

I don’t know If this makes sense. I wonder which camp I am :lamulana:

#53 - smtiv and depression - speed dating


this sounds alternately horrible and great, I love it.


been awhile.

got backed up working on poetry.

but here we go, new post is up.

on malls. vaporwave. games. and the 90’s.


I want to do a history of Yharnamian architectural treatises


Moved on to writing an introduction.


Been doing mega detailed footnotes write ups of each episode of season 2 of baywatch nights for my friend’s cult movie zine. Especially proud of my first one, where I consulted nautical charts to figure out how deep the shipwreck they were scuba diving actually would be.

I guess you can mail order them:


I like your stuff, Laurel

I wrote weird thoughts about Resident of Evil Lake


The guys at work have been bugging me to update my game blog so I finally did.



waiting a bit, but it’s done.

I’ll be announcing it soon on Twitter.

my poetry compilation is out.

check it out. review. share.

it’s only in ebook right now but I will explore options for phys publication.




just FYI:

these are reworkings of the poetry I’ve posted here. 98% of them are totally reworked, edited, reformatted. and I am confident they are a lot better and worth looking at.


wrote a small thing for my private blog


It’s harder for me to share writings, because english isn’t my primary language. I’ve written for a videogame magazine in the past, but I’d have to track and translate these. I also had several writings - again, not in english - across several other game sites/blogs and I actually did simultaneous translations between articles, but these are stored… Somewhere. I have no idea where and I’d have to reupload them, and I’m not too keen on my writings back then. Even poetry would be hard to translate, I think.

The only thing I can show is a blog I haven’t updated since 2013 (I hadn’t even realized how long it’s been until right now), where I was writing about Castlevania and also had an additional article about Nintendo things. I’m not sure I’ll get back to writing, anyway, so… That’s it.



managed to put a paperback together for anyone interested:

check it out…!