Yeah, resale value on that game seems to have gone through the roof. It’s expensive in all 3 main regions now. Kinda crazy.


I, too, have some stuff I’d like to no longer have.

it would be dope if i could sell one of these in a system bunduru and maybe give you a cool deal?

happy to pm pix as i will probably need to take them for ebay eventually anyway


condition: real good, comes in box with manual and NEW IN PACKAGE AR cards, optional soft cat cover available upon request, AC adaptor included (but doesn’t fit in the box, because the box doesn’t come with one)

Compatible Software:

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - like new with case
  • Shin Megami Tensei 4 - like new with case
  • Dragon Quest 7 - new and sealed (forgive me, i know i have sinned by not playing this)

JAPANESE 3DS LL (black and silver)

condition: comes in box, like all 3ds LLs it does not include an AC adaptor, but I have a USB charging dongle for it around somewhere which I can hopefully find, system software is in Japanese only and will only play japanese 3DS games, and can only access japanese eshop where you must pay in yencoins, BUYER FYI

I’m not totally sure if I’m selling this yet because it’s sentimental, but i can be coerced

Compatible Software:

  • Bravely Default for the Sequel, like new in case

Playstation Vita

condition: used, but kept in very soft case. there is not any noticeable wear or damage. This is an Old Gangsta Vita (OGV) with the crisp OLED display. Comes with an AC adaptor, said very soft case, plastic case that will hold 5 game cards, two memory cards (one 8gb, one 4)

Compatible Software:

  • dangan ronpa
  • persona 4 the GOLDEN
  • oboro muramasa
  • tearaway (one sealed copy, one opened copy)


I’m interested in the Vita but it might not be worth it for me since I live in Australia


Have complete doubt but I have a US Wii U that I am ready to get rid of. i hear you can hack these suckers to play gamecube games on the gamepad. as is it is just taking room in my closet. I am in japan so it is harder to sell a US Console. Doubt anyone is interested but hey if you are!


Sounds like Scorched Earth tournament prize material to me :wink:


so @dongle told me there was a place to sell stuff on SB so here i am, attempting to sell A Thing

so it turns out i’m a total MORAN and i didn’t bother to look inside my copy of SFV: Arcade Edition when i bought it. i mean, i opened it, but only to grab the disc and pop it in my PS4. as a result, i didn’t realize that it GAVE ME a code for the Seasons 1 and 2 Character Passes.

and uh…i bought them, with my real money.

SO - if you have SFV and don’t have the season passes, but would like to buy them for like…$12…?..let me know!


Anybody want my copy of Uncharted 4? Standard SButt discount/free shipping to the lower 48


Doing a clean-out before I move interstate in Australia – not particularly concerned about how much these sell for, so just give me an offer and I’ll probably say yes. Though in the interest of saving me trips to the post office I’d much prefer to sell in bundles if possible :3

Also would consider trading any of the below for Saturn STGs.

Nintendo DS - PAL

Chrono Trigger (CIB)

Game Boy - all J/NTSC, all cartridge only

O/G Game Boy console
Game Boy Colour console, hot pink
Super Mario Land
Fortified Zone
Burning Paper
Mega Man 2 / Rockman World 2
Dragon Tail
Mercenary Force / Tenji Kaisen
Mole Mania
After Burst
The Adventures of Star Saver / Rubble Saver

PC Engine - all J/NTSC

Robo-Kid (CIB)
Bloody Wolf (CIB)
Solider Blade (HuCard only)
Ninja Spirit (HuCard only)
KiKi KaiKai (HuCard only)

Mega Drive - all J/NTSC, all CIB

Sonic 1
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Rocket Knight Adventures
Gunstar Heroes
Rolling Thunder 2
Bare Knuckle 3 / Streets of Rage 3

Saturn - J/NTSC

Purikura Daisakusen (in case with manual, but no bonus CD)

WonderSwan - J/NTSC

Makaimura (CIB)


not really the aim for this thread but uh if anyone wants to sell me a copy of nier (ps3) i’d be up to talk prices

i really would rather have a go at this with someone here rather than having to make an ebay account to import the thing anyway lmao


I’m interested in

After Burst
Burning Paper
Soldier Blade
Ninja Spirit
Purikura Daisakusen

Is the Makaimura box in good nick?


Unfortunately the pc engine stuff is already gone! But everything else is available. The Mackaimura box is in pretty good condition. A few minor scuffs on one corner, and the cardboard flap at the top is a bit creased, but otherwise pretty good. I can send photos?

Maybe message me an offer if you’re still keen?


Region Code you’re looking for?


I also have an EU copy that I’m realistically not going to play again


the ps3 is region-free, right? if so, no preference


mine should be currently at my parents home, since i couldn’t find it in my boxed here.
and also a PAL copy, yeah!


I’d like to part ways with a couple more PS3 games since I don’t see myself setting it up again in the foreseeable future (and some of these got ports)

Armored Core For Answer
Armored Core Verdict Day, with artbook and this thing
The Club
Dragon’s Crown
Katamari Forever
Resonance of Fate
Zone of the Enders HD Collection