the hardest boss ive fought in this game has been just a regular lady with a big gun (who lives near some poison goo)


Definitely one they let a little too much slide on the attack patterns and recovery time. Easy enough to juke one way or another and exploit A.I. but of the iron ladies just skewed to face direct one on one!


@Cerium i linked videos of me fighting the last boss twice and I am a real human so there are definitely tips in there!

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If you want to fight him the normal way, stay as close as possible to him at all times. Most of his more difficult combos are from range. Strafe, mash deflect, and jump rather than dodge unless the boss jumps.

You might consider watching a strategy video too; they helped me beat a lot of bosses.

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Don’t know what level your vitality is at but during phase 3 and 4 I stayed at a medium distance and deflected everything he threw at me until he did the perilous thrust you can mikiri. I only attacked him to keep the posture meter from falling. Also, I used the umbrella and turtled every one of his special attacks because the risk/reward for defending that shit just isn’t worth it.

Basically just bait his perilous and you’ll be surprised at how much his posture builds up, the only other wrinkle with the 4th phase is the lighting.


4th phase is very easy because of the lightning. Jump into it every time (mash attack once it hits you) and he goes down really quickly. Same as the previous fight with lightning.


really want to play a fromsoft remake of genpei toumaden

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Only one more skill to get for platinum, but I don’t think I can be bothered to do all that grinding

I keep thinking while playing this, what if Konami published this instead and with no other changes besides names it was now a Goemon game


Grumpy Goemon

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Small moment i simply adore in this game: meeting Tengu of Ashina. Just walking up to this hunched over dude who obviously just killed a bunch of shinobi single-handedly and seeing him stand up and tower over you like the Tall Man emerging from his car to shame Nelson


and then he gives you a name!


One curious thing is that first-time players haven’t seen any of the pink-cloaked shinobi so far so it’s a bit confusing who exactly is lying dead there, and you don’t know how hard they’re supposed to be. Maybe the game ought to have put one of them defending a gourd seed early in Hirata Estate or something to set up the Tengu better


There’s one guarding the mist raven feathers at Hirata! He is somewhat out of the way, but i had encountered him by the time i got to Tengu.

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have been playing this for the past couple of weeks and i think had it come out a few years prior it would totally be on my top 5 list but i can’t help feeling the souls fatigue

found the drunkard(s) harder than anything else


I keep checking in with this about once a week at night, waiting to see if I can get past Genichiro. I’m slowly getting better, but I’ve got a lot of games (and am about to get a Switch) and am probably gonna backburner this for a while. I love it. I love even failing to Genichiro, to be honest. But I think I need to etch out more time to play this in longer sessions until I have the game’s rhythm down better.


i won the rematch with Ninja Dad for the first time the other day and while i haven’t run the numbers i’m pretty sure it’s my favorite boss battle in an action game!! it was a tough fight, but i felt such a tangible sense of improvement between attempts that i was happy to throw myself at it again and again (i think it took about a dozen attempts spread over 3 play sessions, with a few breaks to poke around in other parts of the game). His variety of attacks + the way he shakes them up based on your own movement (his ichimonji alone can play out in like 4 different ways based on how you respond) creates this wonderful push-and-pull between responding to his actions and manipulating him into taking moves you can exploit. i really felt like i was outwitting my old teacher, and by the time i won, i felt “ready”

this game needs a fuckin boss rush DLC so i can dunk on Genichiro whenever i want


newgame+ basically turns into boss rush dlc as you no longer need to beat any of the mid-bosses to get prayer beads so you’re just running from boss fight to boss fight ignoring all the enemies in between


i can see that! i will still kill all of the mini bosses because the Seven Ashina Spears need to get what’s coming to em