Scheming To OpenGL


I guess I’m going to finally try to learn enough 3d stuff to do weird game dev.

Luckily for me, Chicken Scheme has this neat thing called “Hypergiant” which is like a 3d engine/layer thing which makes it all a little bit less headache inducing. I will be documenting my experiments here.

Life is too short not to program in Scheme.


Writing shaders is a lot of fun, highly recommended

Writing rendering code isn’t quite so glamorous but at least it’s obvious when you’re doing something wrong

Writing modern fuzzy screen effects like ambient occlusion is a nightmare of microscopic tweaks


some sort of sb tech/science renaissance goin on in 2019…


As a dabbler in scheme, I look forward to hearing more about this.


I’ve been struggling a bit with choosing a project to focus on.

After making oooOOoo I really want to make a Yoshi’s Island style platformer. But I sort of also want to make a maximalist roguelike. Producing assets is a huge challenge for me, and somewhat demoralizing.