Sarasota Half in Dream


We’ve gotten unanimously positive feedback from this film since we released it! I’m pleasantly surprised. When we screened it IN Sarasota for the film festival it was much more mixed. We had a lot of people outraged that we were “insulting the arts community that made the festival possible.” Also an old retired lawyer called the narration pedantic.

One time I saw Guy Maddin presenting My Winnipeg, his own documentary about his hometown. At the Q&A I asked him whether he was ever concerned with how the film would be received in Winnipeg. He said he did not care one whit what they thought. Wise words.

I feel like I’m running up against the limits of what I can personally do to promote this film. If anyone feels like going and posting the film anywhere, like on a reddit or another forum or whatever, I’d certainly appreciate it! Call me gauche but I want people to see my movie.

Here’s some text you can use some or all of if you like:

Sarasota Half in Dream is a feature-length Surrealist documentary about dead turtles, crab swarms, decaying resorts, and microscopic histories. Watch explorations into the abandoned golf courses, factories, and resorts of Sarasota, Florida and interviews with local youths who are using them for new and strange purposes. What would the Surrealists and Situationists think of a suburban, subtropical tourist town? What goes on in a storage unit in the dead of night? What is the afterlife of a decommissioned train car? What ghosts haunt a ruined hotel? What is the life cycle of a city? When will waters wash it all away? Streaming online for free.


Never listen to such people


i sent it to my mate who’s programming a documentary festival, next i’ll watch it myself and then chase them up on it


That’s much appreciated, thank you eskaibo! My biggest regret from the film’s short festival run is that we didn’t submit it to enough documentary festivals. Money was tight though, and submissions are expensive.


i was talking with them a while ago and they said the most frustrating thing about running a documentary festival is that by the time it comes to the promotion stage of the film’s life cycle, documentarians are out of money and motivation and just wanna start on the next project

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Did you ever shoot it by my friends’ fest or did I completely space on providing the details back when you first brought it up? I’ll throttle them if they shot you down.


This is very accurate.

Did you ever shoot it by my friends’ fest or did I completely space on providing the details back when you first brought it up? I’ll throttle them if they shot you down.

Remind me which festival it was? I vaguely remember this but I think our timelines didn’t line up with it or something.


The SE Michigan Film Fest. And yeah, I think they closed entries right before you were done editing or something like that. I guess things went really well! I missed the actual event like a goof, but they had some strong movies (and a really crazy looking program booklet thanks to someone very special).


Yeah, I think that’s right. I’m glad the festival went well! It’s too bad a film only really gets one bite at the apple when it comes to festivals, otherwise I’d submit there another year.

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Word is they’re really hard up for good entries so far this year (which is wild, they got a pretty high profile local documentary last year). Maybe it’s worth going for it?

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I just got an email from an extremely interesting streaming platform expressing interest in distributing the film holy SHIT! Updates to come when it’s finalized.