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omg this effect on the sky is like one of my favourite things. how do they do that? is it just a polarization filter on the lens?


next hard drive addition I’m making a folder that will have every movie in this thread along with the accompanying review


hoping for a Serendipity review to cover the rom-com-synchronicity subgenre


i’m interested in checking that one out at some point! not sure if it’s a romantic comedy but there’s probably at least an argument that mcconaughey is drawing from some deep collective memory of his old romcom roles.

Valentine’s Day (2010) - another seasonal Garry Marshall movie in the lineage of New Year’s Eve. But it feels more like Love Actually, maybe because it has the same subplot about an unbearable little child who announces he’s in love because his heart goes boom boom boom and other cloying shit only this one appears even more frequently and causes even more hassle to everyone. He gives people love advice, he tells people in class not to be so rowdy, he runs off and goes on wacky journeys to yell at the florist he (cutely?) underpaid for not delivering flowers on time, he reveals him and his best girl friend are the only people in their class who listen to Frank Zappa, he is essentially a walking version of one of those youtube comments that announces the author may only be 8 years old but they still love The Doors. Maybe it’s the greater screen time but I was much more bitter this time about the adorable moppet segments. Every time he shouted at some new person that he was in love i wanted them to shout back “you’re TEN” and just send him off to play pokemon or watch winx club or do whatever 10yos were doing in 2010.

Who else is in this movie? Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Anne Hathaway… Shirley MacClaine is in it, and has a fight with her husband, and the husband then goes off to attend an open-park showing of an old movie (same park as in The Wedding Planner?) And the movie is Hot Spell starring Shirley MacClaine, and the husband points to her and says she represents his ideal, “literally”. And it’s just a goofy recursive in-joke but so totally aimless and self-contained that it feels like dream logic. Julia Roberts is in it as a TROOP:

The guy next to her spends the whole flight respecting her, and then he gives her his fancy limo to drive home in. And that’s the last we see of him - until the conclusion of another arc, that of a rich football player who comes out as gay. The football player gives a press conference, then he’s home asleep on the couch, and… the door opens and a faceless, suited figure creeps in and softly strokes his face with a flower… is the message that now he’s out potential romantic partners are going to just start tracking him down like hired killers? No! because the suited figure turns out to be the guy from the plane with Julia Roberts, so I guess the twist instead is Gay Man Respects The Troops. It has a sort of similar feel to the scene of Halle Berry skyping with her enlisted bf in New Year’s Eve, where it’s completely banal but sort of comes off like it’s intended to be surprising because it’s held off so long. I guess these movies came out in the first Obama term… symbolic reconciliation of the inclusive and the patriotic…?



Taylor Swift is in this movie and is introduced in the above quite offputting way. She plays a highschool student in love with her teen bf, who can be seen in the below screenshot hovering around in his Ball Mode on the left of the picture.

The main arc is about Ashton Kutcher and… Jennifer Garner? Another thing about these movies is that not to be snarky but after a certain point I genuinely just hit a brick wall in ability to distinguish between skinny brunette women with the same frantic klutz energy and personality, of which there are AT LEAST three of in major roles of this film. Anyway he’s a florist who loves to scream out how he’s engaged, how he’s so happy, how his engagement is going so well and how from now on his name is Mr Engaged, I give no points for anyone predicting how long this state of affairs will last. The rest of the plot is too tiresome to get into. There’s a weird scene where he’s at the airport, and at a row of quiet check-in desks, and he goes to the one for oversized baggage. No, sir, this is for oversized baggage ONLY. But instead of moving three feet to his left and starting again he stays there, and gets in an argument with the check-in guy, and then hoists a bin on the counter and says its his luggage, and the check-in guy hoists ANOTHER bin on the counter in response (?!), and then Ashton Kutcher says the girl he’s chasing is “like… sunshine” and the check in guy is incredibly impressed, and gives him a magic all-access ticket which “will take you wherever you need to go”, and pays for it with HIS OWN MONEY. And then Ashton Kutcher loses his shoes at airport security and runs barefoot around the airport bumping into people and pulling open those stretchy line barrier things and yelling, and only recieves the mildest of security admonishments for his trouble. When he’s sad he stands on a bridge beheading fancy flowers that nobody wanted and tossing them into a canal.

Inexplicable references: the George Lopez character carries around a Rumi book and quotes from it twice and calls Rumi “the master” and the guy on the radio also coincidentally reads Rumi poems over the air.

Queen Latifah takes over Anne Hathaway’s phone sex job customers and the last shot of her arc is of her slapping a ruler on the table as she orders a russian guy named Vladimir acknowledge the power of “a true African Queen”. Queen Latifah investigated for kompromat.

Some remaining screenshots: the world’s least convincing apology scrapbook. Jamie Foxx awkwardly teaching… Emma Roberts…? to fistbump.


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There was a mini-Rumi boom around this time among the magazine-reading set in the US, sold under a generic spiritualism/self-help label


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