Rez Infinite (and Virtual Reality in General)


I think so? I only got mine two days ago and spent not more than 90 minutes trying it out, but a TV didn’t seem paramount to me


I can only take so much of Thumper in one session. It’s intense, and I’m not very good. After I beat the first area a couple days ago, I turned the game off.

Today, I decided to try the second area. This time, after the boss, the track continued. I was confused as the checkpoints kept coming, and I eventually realized that I had beaten only a mid-boss. I wanted the game to let me take a break, but it wouldn’t. It was kind of a strange feeling. After the real boss, I turned the game off again.


I think that’s correct. I love the game but I put it down for months between playing it. Generally I start playing, feel my stomach clench and my gorge rising and ride that feeling into tense half-relief. Then breathe. Then pack up the VR gear.


I watched a movie through it once.

It was a bad movie and when it over my eyeballs hurt :woman_shrugging:


I finished Astro Bot tonight. It’s hard to overstate how impressive and fun the game is. Kind of like playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time as a kid.


Thumper might might be cool in VR? I’m rhythmically inept and found pretty quickly that I can’t play it without my frustration getting in the way of having a good time. But it’s just so pretty and moody and has a great soundtrack by the bassist of Lightning Bolt with a 70s pop art cover

Haha missed the discussion just a few posts up, oh well.


I played a lot of Thumper with my friend’s PSVR (after we overfueled on beer and lesser eaten Wawa snacks). He’d never touch any drugs, but probably wanted to get on some kind of overloaded wavelength. Totally not required, I love how even while you track perfectly along the sequences remain just as intense, very little sense of ease. Still among the hypest reasons I inch closer to buying one.


I am desperately craving the Action Button Dot Net review


I feel like I’m going to hurl after one race in Wipeout VR. I hope I can get used to it because it sure is impressive.


The game has a lot of options to adjust the way the screen movement works to help with motion sickness. Try changing some of that around and see if they help. I remember they had options for adjusting how the camera works during spins, how movement bobs vertically, how the ship moves around your perspective overall, and the size of the peripheral vision shields. I can’t remember what else.


Lock camera to pilot (so you can look around properly) and removing blinders is essential to not feeling wonky


hard disagree, this man will barf


In my experience you do get used to it, but once you start feeling sick you have to stop or you’ll feel weird the rest of the day.

After a few days of playing up to the “nearly sick” point I stopped feeling sick.


one time we let my wife’s nephew play Ultrawings with all the stuff disabled after he vehemently insisted he could handle it and then he was flying around all “whoa” “wow” “i’m doing it” for like five minutes tops and then he just kind of shut up and then we made him take it off and he just kinda sat there staring into the middle distance and after a while said “my stomach feels weird” and then just like immediately curled into the fetal position and fell asleep


I dunno. I felt queasy with the safety features on, whereas without them I have no issue. And the only time I ever have had real motion sickness was after an extended session of Titanfall 2 on a regular TV. Being able to move your head and vision around is essential to feeling grounded in VR space.


imagine having none of these features and a lower framerate and sudden random hangs which desyncs the head tracking from what you’re seeing

oops that’s my job


so i got one of these this weekend. so far, i really like it! i’m surprised at how many of the games i’ve played are legitimately fun.


I wouldn’t have guessed this would be the year when PSVR in particular took off but I’m glad, I’m still jealous I can’t play astro bot on PC


Might gift myself one for Christmas if I can meet some loose goal criteria, like finish buying gifts for folks under a certain $$$ before the 16th.


Oh yeah I made a longer post about my PS VR in the games you played today thread

I forgot about the other reason I wanted a ps vr: Ace Combat 7 has some VR missions exclusive to the PS4 version and well that game is a fuckin console seller to me. I randomly discovered one of the AC games for the PS2 and after playing it for a few hours I immediately bought the rest. AC6 was the reason I got a 360. They’re the only games I seem to naturally beat without having to push myself to do so. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I watched Iron Eagle over and over. My best toys were a set of high quality wooden fighter jets. I think the olive green that the A-10 one was is still my favorite color. I had binders full of an organized catalog of airplanes.

So do I wanna be a fighter jet in VR??