Rez Infinite (and Virtual Reality in General)


I’m just glad that it will soon be possible for us to get the home port of Dactyl Nightmare I’m sure dozens of us have been dreaming of for so many years.


So if Rez works in VR when are we going to see remakes of like Panzer Dragoon and Super Hang-On and stuff like that?


oh boy

The rules state there are headphones in the package too so I’ll see if I get those. But looking at the PSVR launch line-up it looks pretty boring outside of maybe Rez, Rigs, Battlezone, and maybe one or two things. Not that I was expecting more. The biggest disappointment is the lack of PC compatability so I can use VR for not-game stuff, which I’m honestly more interested in at the moment. I just want to look at Google StreetViews and Photospheres all day.


You’re all forgetting about 100 Ft Robot Golf, the world’s most realistic giant robot golf simulator

I can’t see how you could ignore a game where 5 corgis pilot five corgi-shaped robots that combine into a bigger robot. That plays golf.


I looked at it and it looks like one of those games where you run around and hit each other and buildings for 5 minutes of laughs before you get bored. Those are fine but I don’t think I feel like spending money on that kind of thing right now. I didn’t look at it very deeply though so maybe there is some actually fun gameplay in there.


Oh wah

“I won 500 bucks worth of stuff including 40 PSN bucks and I can’t take a chance on a dumb diversion”

Have fun playing Rez in VR over and over for free



I could always be wrong.


I work for a company making VR games! I also try to use the headset as little as possible because I get headaches too easily whoops

I also try to arrange my space such that I can remain sitting as much as possible

this whole situation is really weird


I don’t have VR, but I hadn’t played Rez in a while so it was fun to play it again last night. I guess I’m out of practice because I actually died on a boss. Apparently if the Area 4 boss is still when he’s just about out of life, he sends out non-stop missiles.

Area X struck me as kind of a more subdued version of what they were going for in Child of Eden, with maybe a little Fantavision thrown in. Obviously I didn’t get the intended experience on a normal screen. If only there were still video rental places. That would be a good way to try the VR.

I couldn’t help but notice that @GideonZhi was playing each stage almost perfectly simultaneously with me (based on the trophy times).


I’ve played my PSVR off and on since I got it but haven’t devoted a humongous amount of time to it because I’ve been focused on completing the game I was already in the middle of (which is taking quite a while). I’ve bought Rez Infinite, Thumper, and just the other day Trackmania Turbo for it’s impending VR patch (I saw it on sale) and I have tried what free things I could find on PSN. The long and short of it is VR is super cool, there isn’t enough out for it to make it worth the $400-500 investment, and I don’t think people need to worry so much about finding or creating something made just for VR- it’s a fantastic compliment to existing games already.

Anyone waiting for a game to justify the use of VR is going to be waiting a while because current motion controllers are limited in what they can do, and aside from that we have same old dulashock controller that can do the stuff it’s been doing for decades. A lot of games out are advertised as “experiences” because they’re short things that wow you with how you can reach out and interact with something but there’s isn’t much “game” to them, or anything that would motivate you to play them again. And they’re impressive for what they are, for sure, but I don’t think it’s $400-500 impressive.

But oh man, using VR for regular old video games? I need that right now.

The first thing I tried was a downloadable mini-game collection by Japan Studio called The Playroom VR (because my box didn’t contain the PSVR demo disc and it takes forever to download). It’s primarily focused around multiplayer stuff but there’s a platformer in there called Robot Rescue that you can play single-player and it a bsolutely blew me away. If you watch a video of it you can see it’s a normal platformer (supriringly fun and charming- I’d like to see it expanded into something bigger) and nothing about begs for the use of VR. But the VR, which turns your head into the camera, gives the entire world a sense of presence and physicality that I did not see coming. It was revelatory just how more alive the world felt when I was “inside” it, where you can see the depth and feel the scale of the environment from the inside. And when you start moving forward there’s a surprisingly intense feeling of motion too that takes a real moment to get used to.

I now think using VR on regular 3D games is great use of VR and I want everything to support VR.

Now I’m trying to decide whether or not I should buy Windlands. If I already get vertigo whenever I fall from large heights in regular video games, should I take the risk with this game in PSVR?


every time I see that game on steam it looks so dreamy but I haven’t heard from anyone who’s played it


As all fiction about vr headsets predicted, if you die in the game you die in real life.


No Drem don’t die :sadpig:


didn’t know .hack//games are still produced nowadays?


Actually they are! As mobile games, of course. The most recent one was .hack//New World which launched in January and was recently announced to be shutting down in December. That was quick!


(for me to even register a blip on the radar ;__; )


Had brushed up against news stories about this but seeing it all up and running is very compelling to me. The part where he picks up a Gameboy, very neat.


Area X is so fucking good. Like a Winamp plugin come to life.




this game is cool, a perfect video toy