remove blood potions

  • blood potions should be removed
  • i want to keep blood potions

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out of general curiosity among members. i know i am not alone


i like seeing some kinda validation on my vanity pics

i think i get how removing them would be good tho? like, the bp is a nice lazy out when you want to show support or agreement but don’t want to say anything, but also that might become something people lean into instead of engaging?

or are there other reasons they should be removed?


never liked them.

:bloodbong: instead


They put a false point measure on everything, manipulating posters even subconsciously to make posts that accrue B. Potions. While this encourages users to engage in high quality discussion and form socially conscious posting habits, it can discourage newer users from speaking out.

Many people see the lack of likes as an absolute qualitative measure of their posting ability. Online anxiety is real, especially for people who speak ESL or have learning disabilities. When someone needs to speak about something that’s important or pressing to them, having an exact number, username and picture of each person who chose to engage is kind of terrifying.

A friend of mine said getting a blood potion is like getting a Scooby Snack. Well, I am addicted to Scooby Snax. Get me off this shit, raggy.




that makes a lot of sense, yeah i’ll vote for removal


the thing i don’t like about blood potions (or likes, hearts, etc.) is they do not afford multiple interpretations when there are clearly multiple reasons we may hit that mf blood potion under a comment. bp make me nervous.

but i also like that there is some way for people to express/show some kind of support when they do not feel able to put it into words or are unsure of their words. i give out sympathy blood potions and i can see why someone may think that’s like the cheap way out, but i would also hope that a general faith in the people of this community’s kindness undermines that cynicism if it shows up. so to accommodate that kind of easy display of support I like blood potions but I still think it would be better if people felt comfortable enough to make cheap, four word posts in show of support or sympathy without the anxiety of looking cool while doing it.


or if there’s an option to completely block all interactions regarding the BP button, I would also like that. but complete removal seems better to me.

if someone likes a post, i feel like they should make a post saying that. I have been phasing out social media for this reason. forums feel like a break from that. I’d rather have pure forum energy.


:bloodpotion: make it so we gotta hand them off in a real post. it’s a limited resource among the community and it is to be passed around and gifted and received.


yes. :bloodpotion: should be the standard haha

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2 users hit the bong for this post.

:bloodbong: BARF :cloud: :featuring_dante: :cloud:


I like blood potions for a lot of reasons and one of the best is because replying “haha” is a terrible post but I also want people to know their jokes are funny.


bloodslime i only give out blood slimes


yeah I fear the alternative might be posts like that or long-quotes with someone just saying “THIS”


maybe something like this would be better.
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I’m not a fan of leaderboard thinking and blood potions can contribute to that, but I’m more in favor of them than I am against them. I’m terrible at being concise and at using clear language, and blood potions give me a way to affirm and acknowledge in a way that is at least predictably and uniformly ambiguous. Julie jokes that whenever I’ve been typing for more than five minutes, “uh oh, is somebody wrong on the internet?” But actually no, that’s just how long it takes me to respond to practically anything, and I’m still not really happy with my response when it’s finished. The ability for me to give blood potions is a huge part of the reason I was able to keep up with Select Button when so many of my other forums fell by the wayside.


back in the old days we would quote posts and just say “blood potion” to indicate our approval


would you dare allow cuba this victory?


idk, I actually really like the ambiguity of the all-purpose blood potion, which has no meaning besides “something positive.” the ability to react with the entire rainbow of emojis sounds cacophonous and hard to navigate to me, and I’d end up feeling pressure to be clever in my usage, which is how I feel on Discord and Slack.


It’d obviously be limited, but I’d prefer the non-ambiguity of specific reactions vs the ambiguity of blood potions.

I also never use slack or facebook or discord or any of that horseshit, so I don’t have any negative associations with reactions, whereas blood potions have always felt like those parts of reddit where you can only upvote a post.