REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


Hey that’s OK. Almost half the people online don’t play Wolf.


i just wanted to play a top tier for once :angrypig: :cryingpig:


JOIN :clap: THE :clap: PLANT :clap: GANG :clap:


I should start up airing out of shield as ness at low percents


It’s like when you unlock new abilities by finding ancient scrolls, but it’s real life and there’s math.



I wish.


I’ve discovered the joys of Being Bowser. People just run right into him and get slammed.

They are like Kid Icarus, dash dancing too close to the sun.


dash dancing is so annoying and imo useless 90% of the time in this game. too many people are still jerking off to melee.

(I honestly find it even more annoying in melee and I kind of hate that it’s a useful technique in that game)


The problem with dash dancing in Ultimate is that you get stuck in the dash animation without being able to shield, so it’s a dangerous option. It can still get you openings you wouldn’t otherwise get by baiting out attacks, but it’s not nearly as useful as Melee, true.

I do like it in Melee, though; it helps with timing mixups and taking aggressive stances without huge commitments. Without it aggressive tempo play wouldn’t be nearly as strong. I think you’d need to replace it with something or the game might become too defensive.


i think the lowered importance of dash dancing is one reason i enjoy this game more. im an old coot, let me just park my butt and wait for the attack


This game strikes a good balance. Smash 4 struck a worse balance, where at low to mid-high levels of play, sitting still was the optimal action so it devolved into a game of “whoever attacks first loses”.

I think my preferred game would be somewhere between the two. I’d love for better movement options in this game, but I don’t want to have to double shine or ledge stall or L-Cancel ever again.


i will always think L-canceling sucks
any tech that is always good and has to be executed like 800x per game, is bad imo


Yeah, it mostly just artificially inflates the execution barrier to play the game well.

Execution challenges can be used well in games, but not when they’re that frequent and difficult. Active reloading in Gears is cool, and I like picking up the coins on the right frame to chain them in Gunbird 2.


this is why, and super metroid speedrunners will hate me, arm pumping is bad

(I tried to think whether “to arm pump or not to arm pump” could ever be an interesting routing decision, but I don’t think so; might be wrong tho)


Summoning the ghost of John Kaleta in this thread




I hope it also comes in with a build in sharing function and allows for drawing like the Wii U builder did but also let you just use the dpad for making precise lines.


I’m hoping for a Break the Targets/Board the Platforms/Race to the Finish level maker tbh.


i am the only man on earth who wants more smash tour