REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended


Plant’s downB should ledge tether


I’ve been playing this with my buddy weekly and he’s been beating me recently, so I thought I’d practice online a bit. I’m now in Elite Smash with Incineroar and Young Link. Most of the matchups feel doable with Young Link, but man does Incineroar have some bad ones. The buff to his recovery has helped, but he’s combo food to some characters.

It still mostly feels doable though. A few good reads/reactions, and you can make crazy comebacks. I killed a poor Piranha Plant at 48% last night with an Incineroar back throw. The revenge buff made it do over 60 damage. Felt dirty after that one.


My Young Link is not good enough to hang in Elite Smash.

Show me your moves?



Sent a request! I just barely made it into Elite; only picked up Young Link last week, and had to play a lot of him to get Elite last weekend. There’s so many characters that I just get destroyed sometimes when I don’t know the matchup. And even within a matchup, sometimes they choose weird options and I don’t get a read on them in the course of a 3 stock match.

If I’m on it’s usually in the evening, EST. Let me know if your schedule/time zone ever overlaps with that; we probably have to coordinate through here since the Switch literally gives you no way to communicate.


I’m on the opposite coast, but if you can play at around 9pm your time we can probably make that work.

I also do nothing most weekends.


I’m enjoying maining ness a lot and I feel like I’m getting pretty decent with him.

I’ll try to remember to post my friend code here when I get home.

Really been enjoying watching tournament level play of this game. I feel like they really knocked it out of the park. It’s got a few sort of janky things about it but it’s easily the best smash game since melee imo. I actually prefer many things about it to melee too.


It’s way more approachable than Melee and it doesn’t hurt my hands nearly as much. Tournaments are really fun because there’s a ton of variety, in contrast to Melee’s relatively stagnant cast. It’s a cool game!


been playing a lot at a friends place, i really enjoy snake and shulk. snake is the projectile character melee should have had and his whole kit works really well together, and i enjoy the hell out of his dash attack. you can do real sneaky stuff with grenades and sticky -> mortar -> missile. shulk is a new one, i didn’t expect to enjoy sword characters ever, but i love a character with a good wheelkick (backslash), i love when up-b is an actual damage dealer, and the different arts make it clear there’s a lot to learn to use him effectively which i enjoy.
i thought i would main wolf but i actually find him kind of clunky in my hands. i guess i expected harder-hitting fox mostly, and he’s a different sort of beast, slower.

fun game. now if they could buff some of the more interesting members of the peanut gallery


I have been trying to get back into Snake, but I am constantly thrown off by the change to his down smash, which used to plant a mine. I’d say it’s the most I’ve ever been thrown off by a change to a character’s kit, except I’m still startled when Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D. rather than doing a spinning attack.


120 hours in: oh you can sell items from the inventory screen


I don’t know what sort of person would put together a frame data spreadsheet of OOS options for every character in a game with a roster this size, but I’ll take it.


Yes that is a very good spreadsheet I should have posted that earlier!


Hey that’s OK. Almost half the people online don’t play Wolf.


i just wanted to play a top tier for once :angrypig: :cryingpig:


JOIN :clap: THE :clap: PLANT :clap: GANG :clap:


I should start up airing out of shield as ness at low percents


It’s like when you unlock new abilities by finding ancient scrolls, but it’s real life and there’s math.



I wish.


I’ve discovered the joys of Being Bowser. People just run right into him and get slammed.

They are like Kid Icarus, dash dancing too close to the sun.