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a rip of a laserdisc entitled neo geo gal’s graffiti

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Does this count? I didn’t know footage of Den-Sen actually existed. It was internally developed by Sony for the launch of the PS2 but was cancelled. May or may not have still been an inspiration for Fumito Ueda and Keita Takahashi?

Want to play girl riding on power lines with a coat hanger game some day.
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there’s no actual released game or demo based on that? it looks fun!

there was an athena asamiya tv show in the 90s, and i’ve found very little information, there’s no english subtitles, but there are two episodes uploaded as one video on youtube


This looks completely great. A long lost Jumping Flash cousin?


Peak Hokkaido Hudson Soft.

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A 3d umihare kawase?


Apparently Kiyoshi Sakai (I think considered the creator of the Umihara Kawase-series?) was one of the leads on the project so would have probably been an accurate description!

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So I think this is pretty rare, it’s a Blackjack movie by Nobuhiko Obayashi. Must have been made immediately after Hausu since it was released in the same year?

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promotional video for lufia iii: ruins chaser for the psone. ended up never being released and remade into lufia: the legend returns for the gbc


10 player Bomberman from 1993 running on custom hardware on for the time very specialized widescreen HD TV monitors. Only available for certain events:

About to maybe get a whole less rare though as Takahashi Meijin found some old copies of it in his basement or something and is donating it to the Game Preservation Society.


I just realised that this is Galaxy Oddity and so my video I posted up there three months ago is in entirely the wrong place… how embarassing :roll_eyes:


So it turns out firstly that apparently this Game Preservation Society preserve games by never actually releasing them to the general public. Secondly that the disc that was found doesn’t actually contain any game data but the game’s soundtrack. The game was run from computers and was stored on the hard drives with the cd running simultaneously to provide the music. Oh well.

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The game took several years to be fully developed.[1] During this time it was given different temporary names such as “Rat”, “Cats & Rats”, before finally settling on Rat Attack .[5] While the game was still in development, early versions of the game were sent to news media resulting in early development screenshots, of levels not included in the game.[6][7]

A series of six animated Flash videos were also produced, each telling the story of one of the ‘Scratch Cats’.[4] Then shortly before its release another early development version of the game was released as a demo for the Official UK PlayStation Magazine .[8]

All 6 episodes are actually still watchable through Internet Archive


They’re bad but I kind of want to just throw them on Youtube anyway? Anyone know a quick and easy way to do that with SWF files and still have it preserve stuff like the loading screens?

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One dumb but effective way to do that would be to use screen recording software to just capture your screen as you play the .swf.


Playthroughs of weeks 1 and 2 of BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2.

These were “Soundlink” games that were only ever playable on a couple of specific timeslots on some specific days in 1997. In the F-Zero games, players were shown a prerecorded demonstration of a specific course, given a set amount of time to practice the course, then given a set amount of time to set a record for best lap, and then shuffled on to the next course (repeat for one hour). These videos showcase some tracks that do not exist in any known rom dumps of the BS F-Zero games (indicated in italics).

Week 1: Forest I, Big Blue II, Sand Storm I, Forest II, Silence II

Week 2: Mute City IV, Forest III, Sand Storm II, Metal Fort I & II


this entire youtube channel, full of what i think are japanese tv shows about videogames from the 90s and early 00s