Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


Put on Stop Making Sense in the living room a few weeks back, since then the house has creaked Saturday for more iconic/eclectic live sets. Easy enough to search youtube for assorted finds and raw clips; kicked around some old tours on vhs - any recommendations on other professionally recorded, legendary (unique) live performances? Most any genre really

Probably gonna do PWEI’s Unspoilt by Progress shortly, so fuzzed out promos of music videos and live stuff are fine


I don’t think there’s video of it, but Hawkwind’s live album “Space Ritual” is widely considered the best thing ever released under their name. It’s iconic hard space rock.

As far as professionally filmed performances, I’m going to have to think on that. Stop Making Sense would have been my go-to answer.


Oh oh here’s a great one!

Kate Bush almost never played live, but this set of performances is super costumed and choreographed in the most bizarre and lovable way. Don’t let that conventional looking thumbnail fool you, this is bonkers stuff!


Great example of something you hear about time to time, but haven’t heard. Lo and behold its wall of noise consumed me - the width of a double LP to soak in soon, yup.

Kate Bush I’ve been familiar with at many junctures, but never really delved into either and a lot of recent mentions here have me kinda time traveling to ages past. Where I was surrounded by a lot of Tori, and tangentials, predecessors…

Will absorb, thanks for the reccs!


Less heavy psych-prog; you reminded me of discovering this album last year, wasn’t gonna pay $80 for the vinyl I saw but went home and got all up in it.


That album totally rules! I had a really funny moment with it.

When my mother was growing up in Portugal, my grandmother used to constantly put on Demis Roussos records, to the point that my mom, my aunt, and my uncle all despised the guy. It was a lot of cornball weepy Greek soft pop songs. When my mom grew up, she rediscovered those records and started playing them all the time, so I grew up hearing and despising them too.

In high school I had a major prog rock phase, and I discovered this Aphrodite’s Child album. I thought it was so cool and subversive and weird. I really dug the singer’s range and his totally weird voice.

After having listened to the album many a time (and having my mom complain and ask me to turn that crazy shit off), I was shocked to discover that the singer was the very same Demis Roussos, in the early stages of his career before he went pop!

I remember my mom playing this song a lot. Listening to it now, I can totally hear that Aphrodite’s Child voice in it!


Not sure if I know that song or just from the pop of the chorus, it is sweetness though.

I would’ve totally dug Aphrodite’s Child in high school, well separate from the highly funk industrial and hiphop pbjs friends and I munched on. There was a part of me that sought out lesser celebrated opera rockers of the 70s, it didn’t know how much I would’ve loved a few Mom records kept in storage.

The only music I can recall being told to turn down!!! was Ministry’s Psalm 69, Prick, and uh, I think something Underworld.


the koln concert is my favourite live performance and my favourite solo piano performance


Can anyone with the switch version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy let me know if there is an option to play it in Japanese (maybe by switching the system language)?

Edit: nevermind, I guess there is an option to change it to Japanese right in the menu!


anyone know what these are?


Help me with the name of a game I used to play.

Probably a SNES game?

I think you started the game in a subterranean level, with a drill machine vehicle. and you drilled through parts and probably shot things. I think the drill machine was on the box-art.

but then in a later level, you are a character on foot and its kind of a beat-em. and it was weird sci-fi aesthetic. and it was pretty difficult. I never beat the game.


Drill Dozer on the GBA?


No. I played it on a small CRT TV when I was young, in my old bedroom. Pretty sure it was SNES. But may have been NES.


Probably Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth



This is it! I woulda been 5-6 when I was renting this.


I wasn’t paying attention when it came out but is a ghost of a tale any good?


Decent; astounding as a single-person project, rich and textured, fairly basic stealth in a moderately engaging castle crawl with hidden passages and mousey shortcuts.

Play it if you like the look of the world and want to Redwall it up.


the ending is garbage and tends to glitch out even to this day, but the rest of the game is quite charming. Great animations throughout, a lot of personality.


EDIT: wow I totally misread the discussion on my phone as Descent-related. Oh well these tracks rock anyways

I had a friend hugely into the Descent games which I liked watching but never hooked into, scanning for musicks though I wore this disc tf out in high school.

1:41 entering calm disconnectedness watching battle rage, pulling back and getting bearings

1:37 swaying post frenzy, low wails and shrieks build from creatures of the environ

Didn’t appreciate the wild structure and tempo of GLUT til years later (Skinny Puppying), probably my fav piece now.


Has anyone tried “A Way Out?” It sounds like something that could be worthwhile.