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Most people use a variant of Genesis Plus GX. There are four cycle-accurate Genesis emulators in development – one of which is a higan core by byuu.



as featured in the Digital Foundry Retro video on the Mega SG as being the emulator that runs the Titan Overdrive 2 demo correctly, compared to GX and Kega Fusion


I am getting a lot of persistent left thumb pain from too much Sekiro and I’m worried about aggravating it into a chronic RSI, so it’s time to cool my shit. Anyone got any recommendations for good games I can play with one hand? Been enjoying Hypnospace Outlaw and Slay the Spire, but I want some other options.


Baba is you technically needs two hands but it’s so sedate I don’t think it’ll cause you too many problems. Especially because you just need movement and one occasional button.


rly annoying that you can’t bind the time buttons to shoulder buttons


I was hoping clicking the stick in would advance time so it would be a true one handed game.



Both playstation and xbox have built-in rebinds for accessibility (which includes preventing RSI!). It’s a little annoying to set up but you can do a lot of games one-handed if they’re not action.




Pacman CE


A ton of games on Steam advertise that they can be played with one hand… but that is for a different reason altogether >_>


Pokemon Let’s Go forces you to play with a single joycon when docked, but then I guess you could potentially end up with tennis elbow from flinging your arm around trying to get those damn 'mons in the damn balls


I got Baba is You and it is good. But keep the ideas coming if ya got any!


LSD: Dream Emulator


Just cut your bad arm off and play IRL Sekiro


Is there any easy way to play Cryostasis for its ten year anniversary or is Reason still taking a nap?


get one of these


NBA Baller Beats


anyone know if there’s any other art of this one kid from final fantasy vi?


Put on Stop Making Sense in the living room a few weeks back, since then the house has creaked Saturday for more iconic/eclectic live sets. Easy enough to search youtube for assorted finds and raw clips; kicked around some old tours on vhs - any recommendations on other professionally recorded, legendary (unique) live performances? Most any genre really

Probably gonna do PWEI’s Unspoilt by Progress shortly, so fuzzed out promos of music videos and live stuff are fine