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what is the state of sega genesis emulation these days? is there a complete cycle accurate emulator akin to bsnes? what do most people use?




Most people use a variant of Genesis Plus GX. There are four cycle-accurate Genesis emulators in development – one of which is a higan core by byuu.



as featured in the Digital Foundry Retro video on the Mega SG as being the emulator that runs the Titan Overdrive 2 demo correctly, compared to GX and Kega Fusion


I am getting a lot of persistent left thumb pain from too much Sekiro and I’m worried about aggravating it into a chronic RSI, so it’s time to cool my shit. Anyone got any recommendations for good games I can play with one hand? Been enjoying Hypnospace Outlaw and Slay the Spire, but I want some other options.


Baba is you technically needs two hands but it’s so sedate I don’t think it’ll cause you too many problems. Especially because you just need movement and one occasional button.


rly annoying that you can’t bind the time buttons to shoulder buttons


I was hoping clicking the stick in would advance time so it would be a true one handed game.



Both playstation and xbox have built-in rebinds for accessibility (which includes preventing RSI!). It’s a little annoying to set up but you can do a lot of games one-handed if they’re not action.




Pacman CE


A ton of games on Steam advertise that they can be played with one hand… but that is for a different reason altogether >_>


Pokemon Let’s Go forces you to play with a single joycon when docked, but then I guess you could potentially end up with tennis elbow from flinging your arm around trying to get those damn 'mons in the damn balls


I got Baba is You and it is good. But keep the ideas coming if ya got any!


LSD: Dream Emulator


Just cut your bad arm off and play IRL Sekiro


Is there any easy way to play Cryostasis for its ten year anniversary or is Reason still taking a nap?


get one of these


NBA Baller Beats


anyone know if there’s any other art of this one kid from final fantasy vi?