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how did the pc port of bullet witch turn out? anyone play it?


Seemed fine to me


There were framerate issues near launch I believe and according to the forums it seems that they still creep up if you don’t have a controller plugged in. Beyond that the port is bare bones but seemingly fine enough.


My dad’s computer emits a shrill, high-pitched whine at all times.

Lifting the mouse changes the pitch. Unplugging the mouse makes it stop.



Mouse has become theremin.


Anyone know where I can watch/download/buy The Long Good Friday?




trying to help a friend who just borked her company’s wordpress site. she will need to log in to the hosting company’s cpanel to fix the issue, but no one over there seems to know who the host is. I did a whois and the nameserver suggests that the host is etshost.com, but they appear to have been inactive since 2008 and the login screen on their site doesn’t work. is there a better way to trace who is actually hosting the site? I’m assuming this company got bought out and some new company is using their old nameservers or something.


Surely they’re paying someone for the service, do they have any invoices for those payments?


they seem to be extremely disorganized lol


Does hacking fix the emulation issues of the PSClassic? Idc about the library issues, but I do care about full speed emulation and the ability to use dualshocks (3/4??)


I haven’t seen anything about a hack to enable dualshocks via usb connection yet, but there is a $20 wireless adapter that has been confirmed to be compatible.

As far as I’m aware, the emulation problems on the shipped console can also be fixed via the standard emulation menu (connect a usb keyboard and hit escape, no need to hack) by forcing the games to run in ntsc.


is it possible to do a first-person dungeon view like phantasy star or megami tensei in rpg maker vx ace?


In theory, but I have heard mixed things about how well it works. If you have VX there’s a better script out there to use, but VX is a lot more expensive.


Damn, thanks. I looked at an SMT1 port somebody did in RPGMaker VX, and the first-person workaround looks absolutely hideous! so, i guess that’s out.

I don’t suppose anybody has any other RPG engines they’d like to recommend? one that either will allow me to do first-person or at least give me a bit more control over modifying the battle system?

i’m terrible at pretty much anything visual. does anybody have any suggestions for making character sprites within a 48x48 pixel boundary (maximum size per sprite RPGMaker MV seems to allow) that don’t look like squat little kids (that is, every 16-bit RPG character sprite).


MV has no size limits, stuff just might act a little funky if it’s bigger. I think there are even some scripts to modify sprites and tile sizes out there to!


what size are the sprites in phantasy star 3 and 4? i don’t know how much better for you tall skiny adults is compared to short fat children, though


I haven’t really kept up with machine learning dream upscaling, apparently this is an example of a strong application?

from previous

Any other video examples that show this happening more clearly from SD to HD level (older camera recordings maybe)?


why are SMT’s music fetishes cheesy 80’s rock and dadjazz songs when conceptually it sounds more like kmfdm and current 93 or something, is there a juxtaposition thing i’m missing


Pretty much Meguro being a major jazz fusion n class kid, getting his start and breaks within a series that lends itself to urban industrial soundscapes.