pulled through the fourth wall


When I would go to cool places as a young teenager in the mid-90s, I would take photographs from a lot of angles in the hopes that one day I could use them as locations for my own Return to Zork-style adventure games one day.

Hi, I just found this old thread.






oh my

something about that is really wonderful




If anything it just makes me think of baklava


it reminds me of the hollywood classic Hellboy 2: The Golden Army


I try to be conscious of when my brain tries to resort to “kidsnowadays” thinking but I really hate led street lights. they’ve completely killed the mood of my 3am walks. everything looks like some weirdly lit sterile looking videogame. they’re so bright everything outside the light spill just ends up looking darker and more sinister. it’s disorienting walking underneath one and it feeling like you entered a patch of daytime but with a giant black void overhead.


yeah LED lights are terrible, I have to get all the non-incandescent bulbs in my house in the “warm” variety in order to not feel like a mental patient


The LEDs aren’t the problem, it’s the color tone. They keep buying those bright white SUNLIGHT bulbs for street lights, when we all know that they should be a deep, warm orange. There’s a stretch in my neighborhood where they’ve replaced the lights since the hurricane with white ones and it just sucks.


daylight bulbs outside look neat its fine

inside though yeah only a real piece of shit monster is buying cooler than 2700k


Sandy Bridge was great yeah



Just saw this while out on a run, really fucked me up for a second.


not quite the glowing globe but