pulled through the fourth wall


I go pretty late to the gym. On my way back, I always walk next to this door with the strange green light. By day it’s a mere door to a bike storage room, but by night, it’s this eerie Half-Life-esque Ravenholm gate at the end of a narrow passage.


this is supposedly some place in london, but it’s clearly some kind of doom wad with hd textures



Does anyone have objections to me using some of the personally shot images in this thread for a website thing.


I think you’re going to need to ask specific posters instead of making it an opt out thing.


New photo by Levy Alone




Just enough space for a walljump tutorial to boot.


Etecoon Spite House


boss fight





Somewhere in Mexico City.


like one of those artsy japanese ps1 games


isometric beat em up in 70s new york


Is that hand-colored or just fabulous film?


it was taken in 1974, so i assume it’s just nice film stock?


fabulous fabulous film :lovepig:


anothre boss fight