pulled through the fourth wall


I hear you can get out there if you use a game genie.


that’s where the linking book back to Myst is



more like Don’t Hold On to Your Lunch


today i got followed on tumblr by a blog called “discover cappadocia”, which is apparently a promotional blog for tourism in some area of turkey i’ve never heard of before. anyway, cappadocia is gametic as fuck:


It’s like Panzer Dragoon Saga but with air balloons instead.


omgf that kitty

I want to live in that last house


Cappadocia featured prominently in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations



low-poly fetishism


another cappadocia pic that i’m posting mainly because this place is called SWORD VALLEY


The Witness puzzles are closing in on me pls send help


my world was ruined when someone who actually uses a camera more than once a year told me that pics like these are heavily photoshopped, i don’t know what’s real anymore and the world seems a little less cool


Digital photography kinda needs retouching.

“Photoshopped” doesn’t necessarily mean manipulated. Professional digital cameras capture a lot of raw image data, color information etc that typically results in a rather flat, bland color palette. Color correction via software in postproduction is a necessary step to bring out the mood the photograper intended for the image.

Other times they’re fake/manipulated, yeah, but I’m guessing it heavily depends on what the image is going to be used for


That picture in particular looks like an HDR/manipulated exposure; the stars are of a near-equal brightness to the ground, which isn’t how I experience the world. It’s a style which has started to give me connotations of ‘fake’ that aren’t pleasant, but I’m really reacting because it’s over-popular right now. Photography is stylized from eyeballs no matter what.


i was traveling and showed this picture to some friends
one of them said that it’s directly from The Witness and holy jesus


Wait, did you think you could see the Milky Way’s banding like this with your own eyes or a normally snapped photo? You have to at the very least be using a powerful lens and a long exposure/infinity focus process to get these results. You’ll never see this sort of sky anywhere in the world just looking up



just needs some waist-high covers sprinkled throughout


If anything it made me think of that dead-end right next to the Depths’ entrance