pulled through the fourth wall


who can truly number the times they’ve been saved by toilet


the closest hospital is of the regular SH variety but this particular hallway is half done and spot on

the railings aren’t too tall and there’s a fall on both sides

Bonus odd vista while passing by


This reminds me strongly of both Nocturne and killer7. Good job!


There’s a thread of abuot 7 of these on Twitter


the college building where i resat my gcse after dropping out of high school (which has since been demolished) was really weirdly designed.
like, there were parts of floors you could only get to from a higher floor. so you had to enter the building, go up three floors, walk down some corridors and then go down a floor. also i was sometimes there at night for some reason, and used to really enjoy walking down the very long empty corridors.

after that place was demolished, i went to the same college’s new building to do a games development course. it wasn’t as weirdly laid out, but the middle of the building was a huge open atrium, with lots of walkways and escalators going across at various points. it always felt like a place you could have a really cool deathmatch in.


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Interesting how spaces emptied of people seem to remind people itt of videogames

Feel like there’s some overlap between this and the thread about GTA houses


This looks like PSX texture warping.


This building is Nocturne as fuck in my opinion. Like a giant siphon for spiritual energy or something.

Here’s another picture from Google:

I guess this one’s kind of Nocturne too.







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As I was going through the photos from a recent trip there was something about this photo that I took of the hotel courtyard that stuck out to me. Does anybody else think it somehow looks like a 90s pre-rendered background from an RPG or something? I think it’s the light sources or weird colour-scheme that comes from those parasols. Maybe just something about the decoration in general? Can’t quite put my finger on it.


Yes, you could totally stick a SaGa Frontier sprite or a 3d model there and it wouldn’t look out of place


It looks like a tutorial area from Glover to me


I was thinking Cloud running around would work, too.