pulled through the fourth wall


spoilers: yes


There are some long-ass escalators in some of the metro stops here. Let’s see if I can remember which ones because they’re in another line not part of my daily commute


The only one I’ve found so far in Boston is at Porter Square station


did they get rid of the gloves?


No, they’re on the left side



that’s where the loading happens


I was playing Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey the other day, and when I was walking down the street I saw a girl and I thought, “Hmm, I bet she’d fuse into something cool.” Like, it wasn’t deliberate. That’s just where my mind went.


There’s a place here in Sedona called Tlaquepaque styled after a place in Mexico, but it’s deliberately aged the architecture falsely and cleaned it up to look nicer than the place it’s based on, so during the day (and at night especially, will try to get some photos) it looks very videogame-y in this kind of touristy, theme park way


i go down a long hallway to get in and out of my apartment and i think
about weird little things changing each time i go through it in a video
game context.

upgraded to the latest source engine. left 4 dead 3 test map.




Indoor storage units basically all have this vibe


A puzzle game set in an enchanted storage facility would be pretty cool




today i went to a far away part of town i haven’t gone to in many years. on the largest avenue of the way there are many enormous wholesale deposits and car-dealers. like a good part of the road is just emptiness all around; doesn’t even look you’re still inside a city.

there’s this huge store that sells plants and seeds and gardening utensils in this area, right before apartment buildings and slum-like neighborhoods start appearing. the store’s front gate is wide and you can’t barely see the actual building through the wired walls because of the palm trees and fonts and garden sculptures. there are little gnome-statues everywhere.

i remembered that for some reason as a kid i used to look at that store and think that would be a perfect place to hide collectible items in a videogame.