pulled through the fourth wall



Extreme capcom game gun shop vibes from this storefront a few blocks from my work





Jesus what an angle



Jesus what an angle


(from here: https://twitter.com/Makky_CYS/status/1105635320505102336)


Literally a Dog Days level

Start at like 3:30


Dog Days is in the KoF universe confirmed???!?


k’ and lynch


Environmental storytelling!


yeah i was gonna say i literally just played that level in dog days


The pic is from Osaka, not Shanghai, though it is funny how that design is similar.


and it is actually the real location used for a king of fighters stage, in case anyone didn’t know


this isn’t a thing from real life, but it’s the intro to a 90s american cartoon that looks so much like it could be the attract mode for a beat em up

  • Jack Hollister aka Skysurfer One - Born on July 9, 1974, Skysurfer One uses a beam saber as his signature weapon. He has amazing reasoning skills and when confronted with a situation replies “What if it is?”.
  • Micky Flannigan aka Skysurfer Two, Crazy Stunts - Born on June 18, 1976, Crazy Stunts uses two blaster pistols as his signature weapon. The pistols can also shoot out whip-like wires and are powered by small diamonds. Crazy Stunts is a “happenin’ young dude” and often uses phrases like “Hey, dudes” and other current jargon.
  • Kimberley “Kim” Sakai aka Skysurfer Three, Sliced Ice - Born on December 24, 1975, Sliced Ice uses a sword that can freeze things in its path as her signature weapon. She is also a scientist.
  • Nathan “Nate” James aka Skysurfer Four, Air Enforcer - Born on March 31, 1974, Air Enforcer uses many rocket launchers, missiles and a wrist blaster as his signature weapons.
  • Brad Wright aka Skysurfer Five, Soar Loser - Born on June 26, 1975, Soar Loser (a play on “Sore Loser”) uses many small yellow boomerangs and one gigantic red boomerang as his signature weapons.

thank you so much for this


that reads like it might have been copied from some kind of series bible or something. i wonder what wikipedia’s source is


…I’m going to put together a Kids club night entirely as an excuse to show this.


FYI March 31 is Air Enforcers birthday