PokéSouls II: Kali got her shit together

Played some tonight and y’all these Pokémon get fucken wild


There will probably be a new update tomorrow! Wrapping up the art for it, finished up all the new splash art for our Pokémon today. We will see after this gym, but I might implement some more rules onto this thing to toughen it up a bit more, who knows!


keeping the dream alive

Been off the button for a hot minute mostly cause of post-grad depression but I do plan to come back to this fear not


So I’m working on some redesigns and re-examining how to change the format of this to work with where my life is currently at but here’s a sneak peek into BBP’s evolutionary line, cause the update will feature them! They will look different though

Also I’ll start showing up elsewhere soon enough but I’ve got a hot few thousand too many unread posts at the moment lol


Also it was so incredibly fucking unlikely that Beedrill would end up with their normal typing (in reverse order which I mean, no mechanical difference but there’s a difference in flavor there) I’m in awe

Hell yeah! That rocks so much, only making it my wallpaper is not enough

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Oh also I somehow didn’t mention even though I said it in my brain this arts from 3 months ago when I was planning to do this update originally, which is the reason I’m gonna redesign these spooky bugs