PokéSouls II: Kali got her shit together


Certainly not wrong! In fact weedle would become beedrill possibly before gym 1 and be done evolving forever lol


Yeah Pupitar sucks but you have something to look forward to in the endgame




I’ve closed the polls because we had enough votes for I believe a fair judgement

We have chosen Weedle! I’ll do a brief update later when I’m home on what this means for us and who gets to be ghost weed (reminder that I’m randomly pulling names from a hat based on bloodpotions on the OP)


This is my favorite thing


Part 0: The Journey Begins!

Yes I took the design for Hilda and just made her Kali and gave her a trans palette! I’m gonna continue to use drawings a lot with this playthrough cause it’s fun and helps me practice various things for my comic. Because I wanna draw cool stuff and because I don’t wanna get burnout, the chapters are going to cover less ground than they did in the last playthrough

Pokéseasons are each one month long, so our journey is starting in Autumn! Pretty!

It would be a bit hippocritical to pick up our hammer and sickle to fight for Pokétariat freedom while also enslaving Pokémon into indentured servitude (Pokéballs), so instead of taking some rare Pokémon from a weird scientist, we went out into the woods to make our first friend! While we were enjoying the weather, some clouds blew into us? Wait no holy shit that’s a Pokémon! After saving them from our friends who have started their horrible journey to “Catch 'Em All”, they introduced themselves as BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE (Blue BP).This is gonna be the format going forward. Postername (in-gamename), since I want things that look like Pokémon names and also uh there’s a character limit lol. Also I’m going to use they/them for all Pokémon unless someone would prefer I use different pronouns, in which case just message me!

How will the journey unfold? How hamfisted can I make my hot takes on Poké-ethics? Find out next time!

Housekeeping: This time around I’m going to put the episode updates on Pokémon status at the end here, and each Pokémon will have their own little drop-down. You’ll see I’m doing it like this when you get to the info for BBP

Blue BP

Type: Ghost / Flying

Nature: Docile

No Stat Affect

Ability: Early Bird

Sleeps for half as long as other Pokémon

Item: None

Level: 6


HP: 22
ATK: 9
DEF: 7
SPA: 10
SPD: 10
SPE: 8


Rapid Spin Technically a damaging move, really only useful for clearing hazards, something we will likely not have much trouble with anyways
Sacred Sword A really high damage move! This is pretty fortunate


Well we can’t really tell what their good stats are since they’re so low level, and their type and ability are going to change so soon that I really have nothing to talk about wrt to what direction to take their build!


God this already rules


^w^ glad you think so! I’m really excited about this


Also I didn’t directly point it out, but I’m going to be spoilertexting stuff which breaks the narrative but which need be said


I love this! Your drawings really take it to the next level too. So glad Ghost Wheedle got the nomination.


Excited to die again


On the one hand, its not a hack so its significantly less hard. On the other I still level scaled and I know literally nothing about any Pokemon unlike my normal obsessive amount of knowledge so, we’ll see! Hoping to have not many deaths tho

Yay! :3 I’m kinda scared of Ghost Weedle 'cause they’ll change SO much in the next few levels. But then they’re set which is kinda nice actually so


Also I’m considering changing from taking my name list from Bloodpotions on the OP to just being anyone who interacts with the thread via BPs or replies, since the whole premise behind the original rule was to make sure people keeping up with the thread were the ones getting to be named, and this still accopmlishes that but allows, for example, Cuba to become a Pokémon

The only possible downside is if anyone specifically doesn’t wanna be on the list? But folks who wanna opt out of being a Pokémon could just message me or something

Anyway do yall think this would be a positive change


That’s not “for example” I’m literally the only person this would apply to and so yes, I endorse this boutique personal rule just for me


just add cuba to the list and then anyone else can bp the original post, and you can have one huge post that has like 7391 bps on it

also not worry about maintaining some perfect list??


pay to play imo


You’d be surprised actually at how many folx this applies to rn

Oh don’t worry I’m obsessive it’s fine. It’s a cute little .txt

I don’t know if I wanna make the thread with micro transactions lol


Part 1: Love and Death

Behold, the distance models!

As our friends run off to have a competition over who can enslave the most Pokémon, this actually happens I’m not even bullshitting here we start wandering through Route 1 alongside our pal Blue BP, when a chill runs up our spine. On closer inspection, there is yet another specter haunting these woods! Perhaps they were drawn to us since our nomadic commune already is one half ghost? Either way, we were able to make friends with Sage Grimm (SageGrimm), the Slugma of Route 1. I flipped around the previous convention because I realized it makes more sense to lead with the Pokémon name first since it’s what I’m using anyways

Making our way up to Accumula Town, everyone is crowding around a speaker in the town square. Some sort of caped weirdo with a cyborg eye and a detail of LARPers? The speech is brief but seems to be working to bring Poké-class consciousness to the people of the town. I’m going to be talking about this game’s plot without bringing in knowledge about what happens but this is a good moment to mention the little spoiler we’ll learn later that these Team Plasma dudes are actually Pokéfascists appropriating the language of PokésocialismUnsurprisingly, our shit-head ‘friend’ Cheren’s reaction is unfortunately that “well I don’t see any problem with enslaving sentient creatures with high-tech devices, Pokémon benefit from it!”

Fortunately however, there was someone else at this speech; a hot androgynous boy with a mysterious name - N. It’s worth noting that unlike most Pokémon characters, N is actually like 20 and not 14. I make note of this because I don’t want anyone to think I’m fangirling over a child cause that’s fucking disgusting! Like us, he can talk to Pokémon, thinks Pokéballs are super fucked up, and just generally cares about the Pokétariat! He leaves as quickly as he came, but hopefully we’ll meet again~

Blue BP

They literally haven’t changed since last update so you can look at that one

Sage Grimm

Type: Ice / Ghost

Nature: Timid

We don’t know anything so who knows if this is good or not!

Ability: Immunity

Can’t Be Poisoned

Item: None

Level: 6


HP: 21
ATK: 6
DEF: 13
SPA: 11
SPD: 11
SPE: 11


Flash Reduces the opponent’s accuracy by one stage, and can light up caves! Kinda whatever
Tackle It’s the quintessential bad attack move
Flame Charge A fire-type physical attack that does okay damage and increases your SPE by one stage. It’s not bad but uh, Grimm ain’t a physical attacker


As before, it’s too early and we know nothing about these Pokémon so we can’t really make a judgement here


Timid is one of the two ideal nature’s for special attackers


A series of contradictions, a pretty good description of myself.