Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


Nope, but I am glad it is there.


Terraforming Mars Expansion Reviews:

Prelude: Essential
Venus Next: I really dislike this one. Adds nothing. Makes the game take longer. The rule for advancing a track every turn to make up for there being 4 tracks feels like a kluge.
Colonies: Complex. Avoid till you get bored of the base game
Turmoil: Looks dope
New Map: The new milestones and achievements spice it up. Nice to have a choice



GMT announced and then pulled a game from preorders about colonising Africa

I’m facinated because I want to do a similar kind of game but heavy-handedly showing how the European powers methodically transfered power and wealth from the colonised people and set in place modern colonialism and concentration of capital, and this game was just ham-fisted and racist

anyway the Waypoint article links to Postcolonial Catan and that to Race and game imagery in Europe and in the USA which is just the most painfully French White Privilege thing that really makes it clear to me that the worst thing about board games are the people who play & design them


I remember that Faidutti article from years back

At least the 2nd edition of Pax Pamir doesn’t have any involvement from Phil Eklund, so its just a deep historical read on being the colonized instead of an apologia for british colonialism.


oh god I just bought a copy of millenium blades