Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


Nope, but I am glad it is there.


Terraforming Mars Expansion Reviews:

Prelude: Essential
Venus Next: I really dislike this one. Adds nothing. Makes the game take longer. The rule for advancing a track every turn to make up for there being 4 tracks feels like a kluge.
Colonies: Complex. Avoid till you get bored of the base game
Turmoil: Looks dope
New Map: The new milestones and achievements spice it up. Nice to have a choice


GMT announced and then pulled a game from preorders about colonising Africa

I’m facinated because I want to do a similar kind of game but heavy-handedly showing how the European powers methodically transfered power and wealth from the colonised people and set in place modern colonialism and concentration of capital, and this game was just ham-fisted and racist

anyway the Waypoint article links to Postcolonial Catan and that to Race and game imagery in Europe and in the USA which is just the most painfully French White Privilege thing that really makes it clear to me that the worst thing about board games are the people who play & design them


I remember that Faidutti article from years back

At least the 2nd edition of Pax Pamir doesn’t have any involvement from Phil Eklund, so its just a deep historical read on being the colonized instead of an apologia for british colonialism.


oh god I just bought a copy of millenium blades


I have a friend asking for recommends for a 6+ player co-op game that can fill a whole game night. I’m not big on co-op in general so have no idea, but does anyone here have any suggestions?


Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror are pretty good for this. Long, extremely chill co-op games that can stretch out in length but stay mostly engaging throughout. It’s easy to on-board new players. If someone has to leave midway through, it’s extremely easy to compensate and keep things going. If someone arrives halfway through the game, you can easily add them in. You get the satisfaction of upgrading your character and collecting items. The decisions you have to make aren’t too taxing. You get to read goofy encounters out loud and crack jokes. They’re great hangout games.

If a long length is specifically desired, go with Eldritch over Arkham, because the new edition of Arkham, while pretty good, significantly shorted the playtime.

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Also eldritch has way more interesting meaningful choices IMO. I don’t get along with Arkham at all but Eldritch is pretty fun.

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arkham 3e seems like an eldritch-ized version of arkham so I’ll reserve judgment on this new edition, but yes the older editions are trash


Doesn’t the new edition use an app? I pretty much reject any board game that needs an app outright.

Plus I got the impression it was more like the card game which I hated. Just a worst of all worlds there.

But I know those are probably just my weird personal biases.


You’re thinking of Mansions of Madness 2e

what did you hate about the card game? I thought the card game was one of the best co-op LCGs fantasy flight has put out.

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I dunno, I played it once and found the token mechanic to be a pain in the ass, I found the game’s choices to be really constrained and boring, and while playing it the only thing I could think of was ‘this was designed to sell a billion expansions’ over and over thanks to the more limited scenarios.


yeah, I found it OK, but somewhat insultingly overpriced for the content, and overrated almost everywhere.

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like I’d almost go so far as to say that it marked the end of my paying quite as close attention as I had to board games because it was exactly the sort of game I’d gotten into board gaming to get away from and the coverage was very dispiriting


I really wanted to like the Arkham Horror Card Game because I like Fantasy Flight, I like the theme, and I was looking for a good co-op couple’s game. Unfortunately we both found it weirdly difficult to learn. Every time we came back to it, we forgot about all of its fiddly and unintuitive rules. It made busting it out a chore.

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even the box was like, insultingly inadequate for the amount of deckbuilding it requires you to do

it felt like a binder lifestyle game

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what? there’s basically no deckbuilding in AH the card game. Are you talking about assembling all the decks from the card pile the first time you play?

It is admittedly hell of inconvenient that the cards aren’t presorted into all the decks you need but this isn’t a fair crit at all


can’t it be a binder game and not a lifestyle game

idk i played ahcg a pretty good amount earlier this year and i like it a lot (i do have an appetite for its kind of co-op scenarios campaign improve your deck bullshit, admittedly) but you do have to adjust expectations to its goofball release format for sure. i do think it’s pretty graceful and interesting mechanically and i don’t find it too fiddly at all, but maybe it would be hard to feel that way without playing at least a few games in fairly close succession

also one of the reasons it occurred to me to check it out in the first place was a few posts from people who liked it here, and i was pretty sure one of them was felix???

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