pictures that make me feel #haleypunk


I did basic training in weather like that :\


i’d probably at least give it a try if there was anywhere worth walking to

but even then a couple miles is usually enough to give me nausea and mild heastroke…

i get 7-12k steps spread throughout the day during the semester according to my phone’s pedometer and that probably helps more than i realize. school starts again near the end of next week. it’s something i guess




Oh heck yeah partially cloudy next week
Maybe it’ll cool off a bit before classes start


don’t forget that CFS is a killer. and like if you have free time to rest you uh probably could use it. be kind to yourself!! she’s been doing a lot lately


ok if nyan-binary broken egg heart emoji doesn’t get BPs what are y’all even reading this thread for lol


“nyan-binary” is certainly deserving of more BPs what’s wrong with you people


Jeez fine!





new pic is from here:

read the description it’s cute (also the rm blooper series never happened but i would’ve probably liked it)

very nostalgic for these XP character sprites, rip Thief04 ;_;7


I hope they hooked it up with achievements for creating bugs

‘To Infinity & Beyond’



don’t know if you enjoy this character / demon souls but at least the hair looked familiar




“it is 6 AM and i am looking at clothes”

on the shortlist for Most Embarrassing Thing I've Posted in This Thread

i went shopping at my city’s bougie mall a couple weeks ago and the results have actually done something for my dysphoria, thanks largely to october being the first month of the year where you can wear a sweater here without it being a health risk.

maybe not exactly fem but... it's a cute look anyway

i kinda want to keep that momentum up if i can but it’s pretty obvious that i still haven’t learned how to move on to “things i’d actually be comfortable leaving the apartment in” from things where i wish i was. there was more i wanted to write here but i’ve tried long enough to make it past the 7 AM mark so i guess it’s time to hit Reply, thanks for reading my post,


idk what the outpouring of blood was in response to but i appreciate it anyway