pictures that make me feel #haleypunk



haha, yeah, i RTed that yesterday. it’s good!



i will never be able to explain why this is so funny


still trying to gradually self-censor less


…but im not very good at it





a jp artist i follow locked their account and made a bunch of suicidal depression tweets including something about ‘never being liked by someone as a girl’ that they deleted a few minutes later and it bothers me that

  • this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with, like, the 30-ish art accounts i follow

  • i just immediately assumed they’re trans based on almost nothing

it’s been on my mind all day for some reason


maybe you should reach out


i don’t think they know english


oh right lol


they’ve already deleted all the depression-posting and unlocked and all i can think is like… either my pattern recognition is getting way too aggressive or im subconsciously drawn to Trans Things more than i realized or network effects are out of control

anyway their art is good and idk if i’ve posted any of it here so uh


this is a mood



la casa de papel has been pretty trashy and exhaustingly sexist in the 3 episodes that i’ve seen but tokyo gets good outfits at least?


almost makes me want to go back to shorter hair except im not cis :’(

i don’t know if binging netflix and nocturne has been the healthiest breakup coping mechanism or means of procrastinating but it sure is easy. wow i fused a femme-type demon im hilarious.

i’m back home. i live next to a trailer park, strip mall, biker bar and drive-through liquor store. i wish i had a cat and/or reasons to go outside. i wish i didn’t feel so useless


Couch to 5K




It’s a popular program for running. It very gradually eases you into to doing a 5 Kilometer run. There are apps and stuff which automate all the planning and milestones for you.

It will give you a reason to go outside and make you feel good!

*if you prefer biking, just like double the distances in the plans.