pictures that make me feel #haleypunk


fuck let’s swap, i’m already mourning not being able to wear tank tops all the time




thread still rulez





There was only one place for this


god i love this (took me a while to notice the embedded music, which is a nice touch). please tell me how i can live inside this diorama

i’m really curious about how they managed to make it look so good/convincing/faithful–i have to guess from the fact that the camera is so constrained that they used some tricksy orthographic techniques but even looking for edge cases the only one i can spot is

god, imagine a world where half the time and resources that went into “realistic” 3d went into stuff like this instead


I have definitely imagined the next Street Fighter doing that


::a single tear rolls down Mikey’s cheek as he dreams::







yesterday was apparently lesbian day, alien the movie day, and kirby’s birthday, and i’d like to issue a formal apology for not making a post here


how do i retail therapy


It might be hard to find skins for your particular model, but it’s roughly the same size as the 2009-2012 13" MBP (aka “non-retina”).



i feel like this belongs here.

i am feeling more haleypunk everyday


i RTed it yesterday so that’s probably true lol

thank you :blue_heart: