pictures that make me feel #haleypunk




this is currently the 500th not-deleted post in this thread so that is something

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“you have been reborn as a doll” i pray all the time that someday i’ll hear these words myself :pray: :pray: :pray:


i wanna be the fusion of these two

i dunno if i can even throw around "someday"s anymore because it’s not like i’ve been moving the needle at all, if anything i’ve made backwards-progress, hrt can still give me a little more curve if i can finally get a stable dosage but most of the problem is this face that i’m probably years away from having the money to fix… and the rest of the problem is that i don’t know if i’ll ever have the confidence to put effort into presenting until it’s fixed. idk idk

envy is a bad look

dunno what i can even work on other than hair, these softened/blown out photos are a huge crutch and i’m probably never going back to makeup soooo


I don’t know whether this will help or frustrate you but I have seen your real face and it’s great


Not to be overbearing but you really are gorgeous y’know


like, i guess i haven’t seen you irl but idk what you would even do with ffs


my adam’s apple is terrible from any angle but straight-on and i grow my bangs stupidly long to try to hide my forehead but it’s not enough


oh ok. i have the sharpest widow’s peak ever and definitely feel weird about my chin from the side so i think i can relate


twitter has replaced most of my activity here but that is ok




i want it

i wish it wasn’t getting hot again here already, long sleeves are all i know how to look good in


Where to cop please