pictures that make me feel #haleypunk




the penwork on this is intense, woahly moly




it makes me happy that y’all still follow this thread, thank you :blue_heart: i mostly post here when i’m feeling lonely/depressed so it means a lot


Honestly I’m usually pretty stoked when you post ITT because you find good stuff






woah who is this artist?


motocross saito

almost all of his art over the past year+ has been gifs of the same blue haired girl alone in sad-seeming cityscapes. the girl’s only ever depicted as happy when she’s listening to or making music, so the fact that the artist is also a DJ and that he’s always drawing the same girl makes me want to reach and call her an author-insert. the whole thing feels very trans aesthetic to me regardless

i was nocturnal and bordering on neet for most of 2016 and used to spend hours walking around the city at night. sai’s art helps me emotionally engage with those memories in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling bad.

other memories from that same period too… not that there aren’t plenty of anime girls standing on the edges of rooftops in this thread already, but i mean… yeah…







I also enjoy this artist


Those PINS


they are good and i want them, unfortunately the artist’s store is closed


omg who is she i need those piiins