pictures that make me feel #haleypunk




ah yes, i too love memes


i call this mood board I Don’t Know How You’re Supposed to Shop for Hair Dyes

friend is gonna dye my hair in a week but i still gotta figure out what to buy to get to this look ~,~;


Haley has heard this before so this is my generic hair dye advice: just don’t be scared to do a weekly maintenance routine and use manic panic.


Manic panic is terrible with my hair, it washes out in like a single week. Complete waste of time and money.

Special effects lasts like two months on my hair so it is always my go to


i can’t believe i missed this,



That’s exactly what we do with my 2 year old’s hair


need to relieve stress so here i am






my phone’s image gallery is too on-brand tbh




some of these are dubiously murakami punk and I enjoy that


im normally way too insecure to acknowledge the not-actually-that-weird fact that there’s some furry art i think is cute but


aaaaa i love this artist alot haha

A wolf girl~


they’re really great

for a lot of reasons (tasteful color palettes…cute style…ok i admit it i just wanna be the cute kouhai catgirl and im embarassed about it) but i think what stands out to me the most right now is the outfits, they do a really good job of conveying characters’ personalities and there’s a lot of variety and a bunch i wish i owned (i am not really happy with my wardrobe right now so that probably has a lot to do with it)