pictures that make me feel #haleypunk


it’s true

(apparently i’ve posted art from this person here before without realizing it lol)

also this is in fact my kind of music :3 thanks for introducing me to both, this makes me really happy


These are kind of old so they might actually already be in the thread?


im familiar with spacecoyote but that oni is new to me and very good


i have depression and dysphoria and feel like a failure anyway here’s cute girls


im high

edit: lol this is my first post here since the semester started, what a mess



Those rule, who’s the artist?




Yesss…the last one is from Tatami Galaxy and I heartily recommend it.


its fanart of tatami galaxy isn’t it?

Yusuke Nakamura draws different faces that aren’t as generic anime


It’s fanart, yeah, all from the same artist. I just don’t see it referenced ever and I got enthusiastic.


tatami galaxy really is a remarkable work. How hype are you for the new movie?


O: Very hype now that I know, spiritual sequel notwithstanding.


one year anniversary of #haleypunk


I never truly considered all the fast food a robotic exoskeleton could help me eat all at once


hi i just wanted to let yall know that these character designs are good, and i like them



i havent gotten my hair trimmed in three months

this is my life now


You’re just trimming it slowly. With your teef