pictures that make me feel #haleypunk



i want it

i have no use for it but i want it



@Birch sent this to me today and it is Very Good


this thread’s been me posting alone more than usual lately but that is Okay



obviously i picked my current av because it has a blue haired girl and a blonde haired girl together but Also those outfits are cute as heck and using a purse strap for cleavage is really really funny to me for some reason


can confirm that purse strap cleavage is legit


the targeted trans fashion ads have been non-stop lately :x

to be fair that button dress on the left probably rules ???

edit: pictures that make you reconsider your current wardrobe

god i really need a new bra x_x

wait shit this is the 420th post and i wasted it wow what a loser


whoa, really

if i wasnt still phobic about wearing a purse in public i would definitely do something with this



I may have found a tank top that might work with your aesthetic

Seriously considering the T-shirt version for myself.





it is wholly illegal to utter pyrokinesis without use of gill though at least she’s blonde




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i discovered this thread today and wow it is real good