pictures that make me feel #haleypunk


i wish i could avoid the last part because depression but yeah basically




there I put it in icon form






the best part of coming home was finding this in my mail

this is one of the coolest gifts anyone’s given me

thanks @BustedAstromech


this is the most “wow, that me” pic i have seen in a while

happy 400th post

Official SB Anime Club



im not sure what weather this outfit makes sense in since you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing but leaving your legs cold but i really like this look

9S is probably a trans girl, everyone is trans, sorry,

this is the best cosplay ive seen of this character

i feel weird about posting anything het in this thread but the girl is definitely me so i have a legal obligation? i wish i had more chances to wear sweaters and pullovers and stuff





#3:45 AM


quick reminder that if you want to see a decent amount of stuff that doesn’t make it to this thread out of laziness (e.g. because videos or file size or quantity of images) or want to see more of my dumb bullshit in general for some reason i am occasionally on the tweets @kouhaihaircut


that netflix castlevania show came out which reminded me that i do not have enough cute victorian anime girls in my thread

please post them in my thread

thank you




dunno or care about source here but anything that makes me think about getting raised as a girl = instant crying, even now

it’s not fair, etc