Personal Computing 2020 - Ride the Tracer Rays

I built a thing! A few takeaways:

  • The last time I built a PC I was sixteen and it was for the release of Half-Life 2
  • Video cards are HUGE and expensive now
  • CPU’s are AMAZING and sort of cheap?
  • My RAM has white blocks on top that I thought were functional but it turns out that RAM doubles as rainbow-coloured glow-sticks now :rainbow:
  • The only reason I wanted to build a new PC is because there’s a new Half-Life game

What are you guys personal computing? I’m basically just playing Apex.


Mostly 15-25 year old games


yeah my pc is a very expensive ps1 at the moment


My very beefy rig is capable of emulating windows edutainment cd-roms from the 90s and I’m very excited about it.


HTPC-Teiletester 4 Benj

are basically what i am doing with it.


I’m playing Apex. Started Control about a week or two ago and played it for a few hours. Haven’t gotten back to it yet but soon hopefully.

I upgraded my PC earlier this year to play new stuff but all I’ve used it for is to play low-spec indie games and Saturn emulation.

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i bought one of those RTX cards - it Barely fit in my case - and have not once used it for anything with raytracing yet. a lot of retroarch though.

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if this is a thread for unburdening shameful pleasures,

you can download that Star Wars raytracing demo. Watching this run locally is utterly mad. Madder that I care so much more about the same image coming out of hardware in my room than recorded

OG Doom and Quake in 4k basically. I did play through Quake II RTX!

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are we at a point where raytracing is like reasonably affordable or nah

We’re about to get gen 2 hardware which maybe makes it ok at <$400. Right now it’s in tech-gadget early-adopter phase where you’re paying just to get a glimpse at the future.

I gotta say, though, Control really is something else with all the bells and whistles

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Not really flexing (or maybe I am?), but I accidentally left two quad-core 8GB Hyper-V virtual machines running all weekend on my machine and didn’t even notice any performance hit in gaming or video processing. Modern computing power and OS robustness is ridic.

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Is there a reason AM4 itx motherboards are almost nonexistent?

I hear this! I usually run a virtual machine with a bunch of Docker containers going inside of that. Being able to play CONTROL without any drag with that in the background is pretty nutso to me.

Now that the Xbox pass applies to a bunch PC games/ports as well I’m a lot less likely to pick up a series X at any point.

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