pc engine get~

well, actually i bought it a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t come with an av cable, which arrived today.
i have these games:

  • yokai douchuuki
  • fire pro 2
  • champion wrestler (which the ebay seller i got the above two games from added as a surprise gift :zeldaheart:)
  • dragon spirit

there was also a baseball game in the hucard slot when i bought it, but that doesn’t seem to work. never mind~

i’ve wanted a cute jp 8-bit with a rectangular two-button controller for some time now, and i guess i picked the most awkward to set up when i bought an original model pce. but that’s all out of the way now. (though a sega mark iii would probably have been the hardest to get games for)


The PC Engine is just such a cute console!

I’ve been interested in the system ever since reading Magweasel’s I :heart: The PC Engine series, covering the weird and wonderful and boring games of the system’s launch years, the strange peripherals, the Sheer Balls of launching a CD-ROM game storage add-on for a console in 1988. It’s a system just powerful enough to do really interesting things, without losing the spirit of experimentation and limitations of that late-80s wave of home consoles.


the briefcase configuration is my favorite


Looking gorgeous with the LT :scream_cat:


Ooh, PC Engine thread!

Checking in!


I want to see every SBer’s PC Engine.

I have none so I will live through you all.

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Nice pvm setup!

Unfortunately my pc engine stuff is packed away atm, so no photos. I’ve got a coregraphx and a super cd dock, though when I last played a cd I noticed the sound wasn’t outputting properly, which I’ve read is a common problem with older super cd attachments. In hindsight I should have just bought a duo over a super cd add-on, but at the time a duo seemed superfluous since I already owned a coregraphx.

Also, @destructivecactus, did you mod your duo to work on the pvm? I replaced my CRT with a pvm recently, so now I can’t even play my coregraphx/super cd since they don’t have RGB output! Probably about time I just invested in an RGB modified duo…

@ben I did indeed mod my duo - although I modded it for component output instead of straight RGB. I did this so that I can still use it in decent quality with my big LCD TV for party times. I actually have it hooked up to my BVM with component AS WELL as composite since one of the drawbacks to component is that it’s a bit hard to get a color match. This way, I was able to A/B it by switching inputs on the monitor.

Here’s some mod pics!

Here’s a link to an A/B test I did while matching the color - huge jump in quality!

Oh yeah, here’s a little family shot (not all of these consoles are working):

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Yeah I like my PCEngine.


i have a tg 16 does that count

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Who would ever want to willingly use the Xbox controller

Rudie here’s a better option, since Xbox can’t output 240p.

Softmod a Wii!

@u_u heck yeah it counts!

you assume I just have a SD TV hanging around. I can’t handle that Wii resolution.

The Xbox can put out 720p.

I played through Ys, Dracula X, Mad Stalker, all 3 Bonks, etc on my Xbox.

i just remembered this thread! i’ve since got ahold of a briefcase configuration and a super system card. i had to get a replacement gear for the cd drive online and replace it!

i have a nice little stack of hucards, highlights including galaga 88, sonson 2, final lap twin, cyber cross and some others. i only got the cd setup a couple of months ago, but i’ve got road spirits, crest of wolf, asuka 120% burning fest, panic bomber w and some oddities, like an issue of the weird discmag ultrabox, the world’s first cd videogame no-ri-ko and the rerelease of galaxy fraulein yuna that comes with an extra disc that just has a short fmv and a picture gallery on it. fnv on an 8-bit console! amazing!

a bunch of the above-mentioned discs will be on my blog eventually, too. please look forward to it~


Late but here’s mine. Complete with a contemporaneously age-approprate and aesthetically complementing trinitron tv (KV-1370R)


Fire Pro is great but the older games are really super hard.

How cool is this? All-in-one FPGA CD-ROM Unit, Super System / Arcade Card expansion, flash cart, memory backup, and RGB video output. You provide the core PCE system and it does everything else. On the pricey side though.


that is really cool! i actually have a spare pc engine too, so i could keep my real cd setup in my room and put my spare with this thing on the tv downstairs, to show off cool games i can’t afford to buy, like rondo of blood etc. to my friends

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