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I don’t know what this is, exactly.


Yeah I had no idea passing was a legit play in janken

Which would kind of make the game awesome



Vogue Korea joining in on the fun


For some reason that picture finally made it hit me that a big part of the reason images like this move me is the almost mystical appeal of viewing advertising for products that are no longer available, and mostly no longer relevant. All the libido-stroking, desire-conjuring power of advertising, removed from its original referent and devoid of the possibility of satiating that desire.

I guess that’s kind of obvious, and that’s also a big part of why Vaporwave is huge. It’s like occult capitalism.


I have dreams about a lone gleaming silver skyscraper in rolling hills of waist-high, emerald-green grass. It’s something about the '80s BUSINESS fantasy and its strong shaping that does it.

The closest I’ve seen it represented is in Barry Levinson’s Toys but I think the image is more a fusion of '80s ephemera.


Talking Heads speaks to this really well and Byrne’s True Stories (a blu-ray release in a month!) captures it better than almost anything.


I took this picture about 4 years ago, with an 11-year-old camera, of a 15-year-old CRT, running a 20-year-old game, on a 24-year-old console, and I gotta say CRTs are timeless and beautiful and I hope they outlive me so I never gotta play old games on a flatscreen.


Last Sunday, I went to look at a local guy’s New Astro City after spotting it listed on CL. Got there and after talking to the guy about his enthusiasm for smoked meats, and extensive boxed console collection, we tried out his cabinet with a Bad Dudes pcb. After showing him where the monitor adjustment controls were underneath the control panel, we got it stretched out good but the picture was also oddly warbling smaller bigger smaller big subtly. I mentioned it and he said he hadn’t noticed it before, said it was prob. the game pcb. I told him I was interested in purchasing if the monitor issue could be figured.

Fast forward to today and we’ve planned to meet up with my dad+truck to pick up, after he rescheduled three times throughout the day. I ask him if we can power it up again, and the problem is worse and persistent on multiple boards. I suggest maybe it could be his power or a v.hold/sync adjustment available on the monitor chassis but I’ve no experience properly adjusting and also maybe potentially dangerous near the zappy bits, he didn’t know how either; plus I’m just guessing and maybe its effed? I walk away bummed.

Had just bought a j-pac and mostly disassembled the old CRT setup and spent half a day figuring out how to lift lever and move and rotate that for dedicated tate.





oh my


Sony KV-9PR1

Check out the cool big Playstation buttons on the top and what is the deal with that little analog joystick? Is it like for a dedicated mood lighting function? Tint controls? Wild and neat.


Philips Discoverer, 1989/90(?)


This cute setup was a tumblr find


I had been running this fauxcade setup for a few weeks, before deciding to unsuccessfully purchase an arcade cabinet and hastily disassembling it in an attempt to keep my wife from leaving me. But,

I got a new toy yesterday. It is a PVM-1944Q from 1989. Only the RGB input works correctly and also it loses sync if you leave it on for too long.

Spent a couple hours inside trying to improve the picture with the focus knob and convergence rings while thinking about death by electrocution, to mostly little avail.

I had found the sellers old reddit post about finding it abandoned outside filthy, from a number of months ago, after seeing his listing on facebook market. He sold it to me for forty smackers. The guy and his roommate had a bunch of crts in there, a 20L5, JVC pro and presentation monitors, consumer Sony stuff, etc.

His roommate got hype when I told him I used to work for ADV Films and started listing his release collection. Cool dudes, they even carried the monitor to my car for me.

Converted Big Mitsu back to HORI and daisy-chained them together. Need to look into getting another vga->bnc cable to run different stuff simultaneously.


Beautiful studio SVHS deck there!


Thank you my friend.

Thusfar I have only ever used it to record jazz audio mixtapes.


Gorgeous setup Victor! I love your SFC caddy and Sega Sticks too.


u/uriandries’ new-to-him/her Profeel 25/27. Bought from a fellow redditor in Indiana who had listed it a couple weeks ago. Said he gave them the matching speakers, too, what a pal.

Did you know the front panels on these are glass and not plastic? I didn’t. So good.